Hedge Fund 13F Filings: Your Two Minute Wrap-Up

Yesterday, we covered the 13Fs of the notable large hedge funds, asset managers, mutual funds, and insurance firms. Below we provide a short round up of all the Hedge fund 13F data from Trian, Berkshire Hathaway (not hedge fund), Greenlight Capital, Third Point, Pershing Square, Carl Icahn (not hedge fund), and Fairholme Capital (mutual fund). Check back later for more coverage on this topic.


 13F summary

BRK.B Berkshire Hathaway discloses holdings in 13F filing

o    Initiates:

o    DISH 547K

o    SU.CN 17.8M

o    Increases:

o    CBI 9.6M vs. prior 6.5M

o    GM 40M vs. prior 25M

o    NOV 8.9M vs. prior 7.5M

o    VRSN 10.9M vs. prior 8.2M

o    WFC 463.2M vs. prior 458.2M

o    Decreases:

o    KRFT 193K vs. prior 1.6M

o    MDLZ 578K from 7.1M

o    Liquidates:

o    GCI 1.7M

Greenlight (Einhorn) discloses holdings in 13F filing

o    Initiates

o    Amdocs (DOX) 1.5M

o    ING US (VOYA) 3.7M

o    Rite Aid (RAD) 20.2M

o    URS Corp (URS) 1.1M

o    WPX Energy (WPX) 2.6M

o    Increases

o    IACI 1.8M, +310% vs prior 437K

o    SPR 1.9M, +15% vs prior 1.7

o    Decreases

o    AHL 3.9M, -20% vs prior 4.9M

o    CI 5.0M, -39% vs prior 8.2M

o    CSC 4.1M, -31% vs prior 5.9M

o    DLPH 3.3M, -44% vs prior 6.0M

o    DST 1.7M, -26% vs prior 2.2M

o    GM 17.0M, -19% vs prior 21.2M

o    MRVL 44.3M, -15% vs prior 51.8M

o    OAK 1.5M, -20% vs prior 1.9M

o    STBZ 1.8M, -14% vs prior 2.1M

o    VOD 1.4M, -14% vs prior 1.6M

o    Liquidates

o    ACM 1.2M

o    ABX 2.0M

o    CBS 3.6M

o    GMCR 1.3M (puts)

o    HES 1.2M

o    MSFT 6.1M

o    NBHC 333K

o    RJET 984K

o    STX 5.4M

o    SYMM 549K

o    TSRA 696K

o    WDC 600K

Third Point discloses holdings in 13F filing

o    Initiates

o    CF Industries (CF) 845K

o    Coca-Cola Enterprises (CCE)1.0M

o    Walt Disney Co (DIS) 1.8M (also calls referencing 32K)

o    Elan (ELN) 8.5M (also calls referencing 3.5M)

o    Gilead Sciences (GILD) 128K (calls)

o    Marathon Petroleum (MPC) 1.3M (also calls referencing 1.0M

o    Williams Companies (WMB) 1.8M

o    Increases

o    BID 2.5M, +400% vs prior 500K

o    COG 1.4M, +10% vs prior 1.3M

o    TIBX 5.0M, +400% vs prior 1.0M

o    TMO 2.5M, +92% vs prior 1.3M

o    WCC 1.1M, +10% vs prior 1.0M

o    Decreases

o    AIG 10.0M, -26% vs prior 13.5M

o    APC 950K, -21% vs prior 1.2M

o    IP 4.5M, -32% vs prior 6.6M (also holds calls referncing 3.8M)

o    STZ 1.5M, -25% vs prior 2.0M

o    TIF 1.7M, -39% vs prior 2.7M

o    Liquidates

o    ABBV 3.0M

o    AGU 1.0M

o    ARIA 2.8M

o    CIM 15.0M

o    CBD 250K

o    DLPH 3.0M

o    EA 2.0M (calls)

o    EQIX 425K

o    HES 1.0M

o    HSH 2.5M (calls)

o    LNG 4.0M

o    LPX 1.8M

o    LYB 950K

o    MUR 2.5M

o    NXPI 2.5M

o    STZ 1.9M

o    TDG 400K

Pershing Square (Ackman) discloses holdings in 13F filing

o    Decreases

o    GGP 67.8M, (9%) vs prior 74.7M

o    MATX 203K, (93%) vs prior 3.0M

o    PG 8.9M, (68%) vs prior 27.9M ?Note: PG calls held increased to 25.0M from 1.0M prior

o    Liquidates

o    MDLZ 6.0M

o    Decreases:

o    GPS 10.4M vs. prior 13.9M

o    Liquidates:

o    GNW 8.4M

o    SFI 862.8K

Fairholme (Berkowitz) discloses holdings in 13F filing

o    Initiates

o    LINCOLN NATIONAL 45.6K (recall Fairholme also holds Lincoln warrants)

o    HARTFORD FINANCIAL 53.3K (recall Fairholme also holds Hartford warrants)

o    Increases

o    GNW 1.1M, +20% vs prior 899K

o    Decreases

o    BRK.B 726.5K, -53% vs prior 1.5M

o    CHK 804K, -94% vs prior 13.4M

o    Liquidates

o    AGO 52K

o    CNQ 1.1M

o    MBI 2.3M

Icahn discloses holdings in 13F filing

o    Increases

o    RIG 21.5M, +7% vs prior 20.2M

o    Decreases

o    DELL 152.5M, (3%) vs prior 156.5M

o    Icahn’s 13F as of 30-Jun does not show an AAPL stake. Recall the Icahn tweets from 13-Aug disclosing a large position in AAPL.

Trian discloses holdings in 13F filing

o    Initiates

o     DuPont (DD) 5.8M (recall it was reported on 17-Jul that Trian had taken a position)

o    GNC Hldgs (GNC) 777K

o    Sothebys (BID) 2.1M

o    Increases

o    LAZ 6.7M, +20% vs prior 5.6M

o    Decreases

o    STT 1.9M, -21% vs prior 2.4M

o    Liquidates

o    HNZ 107K



***All eco data from Bloomberg and DJ



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