Guggenheim Investment Advisors merits of behavioral finance, contrarianism [VIDEO]

Charles Stucke is Chief Investment Officer of Guggenheim Investment Advisors (GIA) and the Guggenheim Alternatives Platform, managing external allocation, manager research, and the investment themes practice within the Advisory group that runs a family office, suite of fund of funds, and a hedge fund platform.

Guggenheim Investment Advisors merits of behavioral finance, contrarianism [VIDEO]

Sitting down with Opalesque.TV, Charles describes what differentiates GIA’s process and his personal approach to allocating to alternative fund managers. Among the key points Stucke discusses are a top down manager selection focus on “capital need”, finding areas where capital is needed while avoiding places where capital is abundant, and then finding the best managers in those areas. He combines that approach with the strong belief in the value of behavioral finance in finding global opportunities and working with investors, and describes behavioral finance as a significant element of investing that is all but “ignored by modern finance.”



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