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Warren Buffett On The Newspaper Industry (11/26/13)

Warren Buffett Q&A from 11/26/13 H/T Variant Perceptions

Q: How are you feeling about the newspaper business these days?

A: We bought four good-sized newspapers this year, in Tulsa, Atlantic City, Greensboro and Roanoke — so we have 28 or 29 dailies. Our papers are doing OK. They're in midsized cities. I think it's tougher, frankly, when you get into really big metropolitan areas. … I think a newspaper has to be primary as a news source to a community. And I think it's very tough in a New York City or a Los Angeles. It's a lot easier in a Tulsa, Okla., or a Greensboro, N.C. We have been focused on those kind of papers, and we will buy more.

The one thing I can guarantee you is we will not cut the news hole. The idea of selling less and less for more and more is not a winning system. I love newspapers. I read five every day.

Full interview http://www.usatoday.com/story/money/business/2013/11/26/warren-buffett-detroit-q-and-a/3749307/


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