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Meryl Witmer Barron's Roundtable Picks 2002-2014

Meryl Witmer’s Complete Roundtable Picks (2002-2014). See recent interview with Meryl Witmer here.

And you. Let's go to Meryl Witmer, who changed her name even though her stock picks did very well last year. [In the 2001 Roundtable she was Meryl Buchanan.]

Witmer: I have five stocks today, so I'm under my limit. But Mario is going to take up the excess. My first pick is Joy Global, JOYG. It is our biggest position. The company manufactures mining equipment for coal, copper, gold, and other minerals and ores. About 65% of the total revenues are from the coal industry. The company has two divisions, one called P&H, which manufactures and services surface-miningequipment, and the other called Joy, which serves underground miners. The company has a 40% to 90% market share in its different products. It's just the kind of company we like to own. The surface mining business right now is slow, because the copper and iron ore industries are slow.b

Full interview with Meryl Witmer see here



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