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Berkshire Hathaway’s view on gender parity

Published on Nov 13, 2015
American businesses have been successful by tapping 50% of the talent pool. What will happen when they tap into 100% by bringing in more women? Berkshire Hathaway’s view on gender parity

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0:00you were asked by Warren Buffett to join his board so reflecting on leadership
0:06there are important is the tone from the top and the intention really clearly
0:11signaled as opposed to get diversity on the board
0:14well warren buffett's been increasingly outspoken about this issue and his main
0:21driver something Steve said a few minutes ago
0:23florence has the benefit of having been around for eighty-five years in in his
0:29he's seen american business which we just heard from Mr Koh also be so
0:33incredibly successful and warns premises if we did that with only half of the
0:38talent pool available what will you be able to do when we tap to the hundred
0:42percent of talent pool available by bringing in women
0:52major jobs is long-term strategy but it's also succession and in my case I
0:57warned and older and I really need a board who will be able to keep this
1:01culture alive and take it to the next level so the culture owner so he was
1:07really thinking about what were the business what was the business reasons
1:11that he needed a particular capabilities seven is bored but he was proactive
1:15about looking for a woman to and it has changed the dynamic in the boardroom I
1:22think it to building a little bit on what you said there's more listening
1:26more question asking kind of the dumb question that maybe everybody wants to
1:32know but wouldn't really be willing to ask and a little bit more fairness we
1:37were laughing earlier about the term interrupting which is men in a raft of
1:42us some of us can do interrupting to which is when women in Iraq but this
1:46idea that when when they're sort of bad behavior and not being listened to when
1:51there are few women made it come back and say that's what meryl said a few
1:56minutes ago let's go back to her and so I think it there's some really good
2:00dynamics there and we're getting a lot of scientific view a parallax most of
2:05you are familiar with that concept of parallax view if you see an object from
2:08two different viewpoint you seem different
2:10aspect of that object and when we have diversity for gender and I think other
2:15diversity in the boardroom and in top leadership we are mitigating the problem
2:20of that parallax view were you don't get to see multiple viewpoints


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