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Warren Buffett on Good Management and Europe

Warren Buffett on Good Management and Europe

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Published on Aug 18, 2016

A Q&A with Warren Buffett in Milan. In this Q&A MBA students from Europe quiz Warren on what makes a good manager and his views on investing in European ( mostly family owned) businesses. Warren explains the qualities of good management, these are invaluable to any business owners or prospective managers.

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Video Segments:
0:00 Start
0:11 What to look for in managers?
1:23 What do you do in your spare time?
3:24 What keeps you going\ what do you think of the current economic system?
5:45 What have you learnt from good managers?
8:45 Is the hold forever model sustainable?
10:27 Producing more female business managers?
13:19 Thoughts on sovereign wealth funds coming to the USA?
16:12 How are higher oil prices influencing your investing decisions?
18:54 Impressions of Europe?
21:19 Concerns over Moody’s management?
23:23 What about Italy interests you?\ Are you worried about cultural barriers when investing in businesses?
27:09 How do you feel about governments seeking a more managed version of global trade?
30:01 Opinion on top-level executive compensation?
33:31 Do you think Europe misses out on the philanthropic culture?

Interview Date: May 22nd, 2008
Event:European MBA Q&A
Original Image Source: http://bit.ly/WarrenBuffettPic2


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