Jason Zweig

The Power Of Serendipity – Jason Zweig [Invest Like The Best EP.03]

The Power Of Serendipity – Jason Zweig [Invest Like The Best EP.03] by The Investor’s Field Guide

In this episode, Jason Zweig and I discuss investing, financial advice, books, and life in general. The method for living discussed in the last 30 minutes will be useful for everyone. Jason is the Intelligent Investor columnist for the Wall Street Journal and author of several books, including his latest, the excellent “The Devil’s Financial Dictionary.”  His insights and advice are the results a life of critical thinking, reading, writing, humility, and curiosity.  Please enjoy!

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Books Mentioned in this Conversation


10:13 – “What Do You Care What Other People Think?”: Further Adventures of a Curious Character

10: 19 Surely You’re Joking, Mr. Feynman! (Adventures of a Curious Character)

15:41 – Anna Karenina – Leo Tolstoy

15:45 Life and Fate – Vasily Grossman

1:00:12- The Intelligent Investor: The Definitive Book on Value Investing. A Book of Practical Counsel – Benjamin Graham and Jason Zweig

1:01:43 – The Travels and Adventures of Serendipity: A Study in Sociological Semantics and the Sociology of Science – Robert Merton

1:02:57 – Luck Factor – Richard Wiseman

1:08:50 – Your Money and Your Brain: How the New Science of Neuroeconomics Can Help Make You Rich – Jason Zweig

1:08:52 – The Devil’s Financial Dictionary – Jason Zweig

1:15:35 – Montaigne: Essays – Michel de Montaigne

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Jason Zweig

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Jason Zweig



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