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Q1 2017 – Huge Page Of Hedge Fund Letters, Conferences, Calls, And More

Q1 2017 Hedge Fund Letters is now up stay tuned for more as we sometimes update these pages even months after the quarter ends (3/31/2017 in this case).

Also some hedge fund conferences in Q1 2017 will be profiled here
Last updated 7/01/2017
The links are not an endorsement whatsoever nor does any omission mean anything, besides for the fact that we do not find the letter interesting/newsworthy or we do not have access to it. More on that below.

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If you are concerned about issues of confidentiality, privacy or other legal issues related to sending information, you can review the following ProPublica article on communicating confidentially.  ProPublica recommends that if you are sending information by mail, that you consider sending it without a return address, but we will accept any form of submission and protect your confidentiality to the full extent of the rights provided under the law.  Anonymous tips by email can be sent to tips(@)valuewalk.com.  Also for super secure-file sharing we like onionshare  and for messaging Signal App. I can be contracted on signal at 845-304-5782.

Pension funds in particular invest hundreds of billions of taxpayer (YOUR money) in hedge funds. According to a recent report by Willis Towers Watson  over $250 billion of pension money is invested in hedge funds and fund of funds. According to their own public records – New York City public pension funds alone have $4 billion in hedge funds and according to Barclays Prime Broker Research hedge funds have not generated positive alpha since 2011–  The future of journalism can either be watermelon squeezing or holding our Government officials accountable for how they allocate our retirement money.

But wait there is more! While in the past we focused just on letters this 2017 Hedge Fund Letters post and our posts going forward will also contain links to the best stories on the industry, profiles, important trends, investment conferences and more (they are listed separately at the bottom). However, the vast majority of our hundreds of links in this post deal with 2017 hedge fund letters.

NOTE: The list is in alphabetical order. To be completely accurate, while most funds listed below are hedge funds some are mutual funds or other (i.e. Berkshire Hathaway). The list is (mostly) in alphabetical order.

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2017 Hedge Fund Letters -

2017 Hedge Fund Letters
Conferences Q1

LSE 2017 –Expect Hedge-Fund Returns to Be More Honda Than Rolls Royce: Point72

LSE – Man Group


Official feed

SocGen Conference

WEF Davos 2017

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2017 Hedge Fund Letters

    1. Absolute Return Feb
    2. An Open Letter To Howard Marks
    3. Apollo Asia
    4. ADW Capital, Q1
    5. Alluvial Feb
    6. Alluvial March
    7. Alluvial Q1
    8. AlphaClone
    9. Andurand
    10. Aquitania Capital
    11. Arquitos Capital killing it
    12. Ariel Focus
    13. Ariel Appreciation
    14. Askeladden Capital
    15. Baskin
    16. Balyasny - Bezos of HFs
    17. Baupost
    18. Berkshire
    19. Best bets
    20. Bezos
    21. Bill Nygren
    22. BlueTower
    23. Boyles
    24. Burr Capital
    25. Brevan Howard Jan
    26. BH Feb
    27. Brevan Mar
    28. Broad Run
    29. Bronte Jan
    30. Bronte Feb
    31. Bronte Q1 - VRX
    32. Cable Car
    33. Causeaway
    34. Centaur Value
    35. Charlotte  Lane
    36. Corsair
    37. ClearBridge
    38. Crescat Capital Q1
    39. More
    40. Curreen Capital
    41. Dodge & Cox
    42. Invst risk
    43. Euclidean Q1
    44. Elliott $5B in 24 hours, more, our coverage, and Paul Singer on FAANG stocks, and more
    45. Eton Park Capital shutting
    46. Stanphyl Capital January 2017
    47. Fasanara
    48. G&D – Kingstown Capital
    49. Greenlight January
    50. Greenlight on GM
    51. IP Partners
    52. Feb
    53. Greenlight q1 letter
    54. GMO Q1
    55. Farnam
    56. First Quadrant
    57. First Eagle
    58. FPA Capital
    59. FPA Crescent, call
    60. Gator
    61. Greenhaven
    62. Greenwood
    63. Global Allocation Jan
    64. March
    65. Hugh Hendry Q1
    66. Jan
    67. Feb
    68. Muhlenkamp Q1 2017
    69. Greenlight Mar
    70. Greenskeeper HCG
    71. HFT
    72. Horizon Kinetics
    73. Horizon Kinetics Q1
    74. Horseman Feb - throws in the towel

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