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Jacob Wohl, Facing August 7 Regulatory Hearing, Touts Trump Tweets

Who Is Jacob Wohl? That is the question, but the answer is not so simple.

As Jacob Wohl’s August 7 administrative hearing before the Arizona Corporation Commission (ACC) approaches, the 19-year old hedge fund boy wonder told ValueWalk he is up 7% year to date while operating yet another new strategy. He is also enamored with US President Donald Trump and his son Donald Trump Jr. retweeting him, a point he wants the world to recognize.

Who Is Jacob Wohl? Attention journalists!

Wohl reached out to the media soliciting journalist interviews Monday with the headline “ Who Is Jacob Wohl , 19 Year Old Hedge Fund Manager Retweeted By Trump?”

On July 3, Wohl composed a tweet that complained former US President Barack Obama was receiving better treatment than President Trump relative to credit for the stock market advance. Trump retweeted Wohl as did his son, Donald Trump, Jr.

“I’m honored to be included among those who President Trump retweets,” Wohl said, placing him among a group of world leaders as well as the likes of 16-year-old Seth Morton, who President Trump retweeted in response to a CNN story.

As Wohl claims to have retooled his strategy to manage only partner assets – he claims to use a relative value strategy in individual stocks and indexes that uses volatility to determine execution triggers – Wohl might be more focused on an upcoming hearing.

Who Is Jacob Wohl? Registered letters in administrative case don’t find the answer

Wohl stands accused of “Fraud in Connection with the Offer or Sale of Securities,” according to ACC documents, as previously reported in ValueWalk. The National Futures Association had previously banned the teen from membership for life after an investigation into his promotional activities and surrounding charges he improperly handled investor assets.

On July 17, registered letters from the ACC regarding the trial were returned to sender. Wohl would not publicly say if he planned on attending nor would he comment on the trial other than to say the ACC has an old address. “Communication is functioning,” he said of his dialogue with the ACC. [Update 7/27/2017: Wohl says he has retained the law firm of Tiffany and Bosco, an Arizona law firm, to represent him.]

The ACC is currently involved in a matter involving Federal investigators. In an unrelated case, the ACC is reported to be part of a wider FBI investigation, but the details in the case would not be revealed to defense attorneys unless they promised to keep them confidential.

Below is the full email pitch entitled Who Is Jacob Wohl (minus the legal disclaimer):

  I just wanted to introduce myself, because I think that I may make for an interesting story in your publication. My name is Jacob Wohl, you may have seen me recently be recently be retweeted by President Trump, and wondered, “Who is this 19 year old hedge fund manager?” 
Who Is Jacob Wohl
         I think that a lot of people probably asked the same question. Perhaps this would make for an interesting article. If you’re interested in interviewing me, I would be happy to oblige. Just reach out via email if you’re interested. 
In the mean time, here’s a brief bio article on myself: https://medium.com/@JacobAWohl/who-is-jacob-wohl-dc321b3138d8
Jacob Wohl
CEO, Montgomery Assets, LLC 
Phone number redacted


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  • Gibran Smith

    The S&P 500 is up 10.6%; Mr. Wohl’s fund is up 7% year to date as of 7/25/17. He would do a lot better indexing!

    July 25, 2017 at 3:47 pm


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