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EBI Conference Notes – Bezos More Popular Than God

We were fortunate enough to attend the Evidence-Based Investing Conference (EBI) which took place in New York City on November 2nd, 2017. The second ever EBI conference was great. The mission of is devoted to “disciplined approach to asset management that combines the data we have from the past and present with honesty about the unknowable future. Where others would use forecasts, relationships or emotions to guide their decisions, practitioners of EBI would substitute facts, logic, and reason.

An investment conference devoted to using logic, reason, data, behavioral finance and trying to filter out all the other noise. There were great speakers like Jason Zweig at the conference. Below is a slide-deck of our notes. Note that this is for information only and while deemed reliable may contain mistakes.

Furthermore, this is not a transcription for legal and ethical reasons we did not want to transcribe it. Instead, we offer our notes on some of the key highlights and our analysis and takeaways on this thirty page or so document.

We hope you enjoy! Please send us feedback since we are considering doing more conference notes if the response is positive. Please send us feedback at support@valuewalk.com

First a list of the speakers followed by our notes.

  • Andy Melvin – MD of Information Management Network
    Josh Brown – CEO of Ritholtz Wealth Management
    Scott Galloway – (Clinical Professor of Marketing) – Founder of L2; NYU Stern
    Myless Udland – Writer (Yahoo Finance)
    Wes Gray – CEO of Alpha Architect
    Liz Ann Sonders - Senior Vice President & Chief Investment Strategist of Charles Schwab & Co., Inc
    Eddy Elfenbein – Editor of Crossing Wall Street
    Vladimir Zdorovtsov – MD of SSGA
    Cliff Asnes – Managing and Founding Principal of AQR Capital Management
    Barry Ritholts – Chairman of RWM
    Dave Nading –CEO of ETF.com
    Leland Miller – CEO of China Beige Book International
    Perth Tolle – Founder of Life and Liberty Indexes
    Jeremy Schwartz – Director of Research of WisdomTree Asset Management.
    Ben Carlson - Director of Institutional Asset Management of Ritholtz Wealth Management
    Kevin Quigg - Chief Strategist of ACSI Funds & Exponential ETFs
    Leigh Drogen - CEO & Founder, Estimize
    Corey Hoffstein - Co-Founder & Chief Investment Officer of Newfound Research
    Patrick O'shaughnessy - Portfolio Manager of O'Shaughnessy Asset Management
    Tim Buckley - President & Director of Vanguard (Upcoming CEO)
    Linette Lopez - Finance Correspondent of Business Insider
    Jc Parets - President & Founder, All Star Charts
    Katie Stockton - Chief Technical Strategist, BTIG
    George Pearkes - Global Macro Strategist, Bespoke Investment Group
    Ari Wald - Managing Director/ Head of Technical Analysis, Oppenheimer
    Jason Zweig - Investing Columnist, The Wall Street Journal
    Anora Gaudiano - Markets Reporter, MarketWatch
    Mebane Faber - Chief Investment Officer, Cambria Investment Management
    Charlie Bilello - Director of Research, Pension Partners
    Juan Carlos Artigas - Director, Investment Research, World Gold Council
    Ted Seides - Chief Investment Officer, Hidden Brook Investments, LLC
    Brent Beshore - Founder & CEO, adventur.es
    Morgan Housel – Partner of The Collaborative Fund
    Daphne Dufresne - Managing Partner, GenNx360 Capital Partners
    Jim Ross - Exec VP, Chairman of Global SPDR Business, State Street Global Advisors.
  1. Keynote Presentation

Scott Galloway was the presenter of Keynote presentation. During the presentation he provided his own book “The Four”. Scott’s presentation focused on the four rider of modern technology, face book, Google, Apple and Amazon, starting with how each appeal to specific human instinct or organ.

Key Note:

How those four horsemen of modern tech appeal to an organ:

Google = Brain

Facebook = Love @ scale

Amazon = More (Never ending Wants)

Apple = XX appeal

The excellent information about Amazon was that more people have Amazon Prime than voted for the President. Even about 55% people are earning more than $50K compared to Amazon’s 58%. Attendance for the Church in a month is also lower than the Amazon. <

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