Q3 2017 hedge Fund Letters

Hedge Fund Q3 Letters: Short HULU, AT&T & VZ; G&D; Pabrai Comeback; Ostriches; Paulson Loses … Again…. And More [UPDATED]

Q3 hedge fund letters is nearing an end but we have a few updates  but the content is shifting to this PAGE - we will continue to note updates here but the actual content and the updates inside the paywall will only be continued on this  page bc this is so clearly stated if you ask us where to find the rest there is a good chance we will ignore you. Stay tuned for Q4 page and in meantime all updates here
12/24 more and conferences

UPDATED 12/10 Sohn Lonon and Brazil and more to come and even Q3 still some more to come lots of very bearish stuff and Bitcoin free talk only

UPDATED 11/22/17 Great news we will be devoting a dedicated subdomain or even a domain for ValueWalk premium. this will give us a lot more options in both features and easier layout for everyone. Plus we will have HTTPS and SSL although we do not process payments because of liability concerns a CTO of a large hedge fund expressed concern to me just earlier today. You do not need to worry unless paypal gets hacked although then we probabl have a lot more to worry about! I digress!

Anyway stay tuned for the new domain and possibly a new plugin to manage our growing membership better

More letters and conferences and more to come. Check out one fund more bearish than Elliott - BUY GOLD THE END IS NEIGH

As is the custom at ValueWalk on the first day of the new Q we create the page for all the notable hedge fund events of that quarter. This Q3 2017 hedge fund letters page was originally letters but we have expanded it to hedge fund conferences, feature stories, misc, activism and more. However, due to the proliferation in particular of conferences and activism we tend to do the following - for activism if it is a short campaign we post a link or two, if a dedicated campaign like with Bill Ackman at the time of this writing against ADP well provide links to his dedicated site ADPascending since it gets tedious for us and readers to view every single SEC filing.

In terms of conferences there are so many that we try to focus on more interesting/value added ones or ones we attend. So for both this Q3 2017 hedge fund letters page and prior ones there is no exact formula so we always welcome reader input!

Also, feel free to help us out with conferences if you are competent and attended or want to attend any if open to media we could get you in for free and if not open to media we could help you in other ways.

Before getting into Q3 2017 hedge fund letters and material we must state to protect ourselves from trolls that the links are not an endorsement whatsoever nor does any omission mean anything, besides for the fact that we do not find the letter interesting/newsworthy or we do not have access to it. Please see our legal disclaimers. More on lack of letters below.

Last updated 11/09/2017 11:35PM EST - more letters and those conference notes we promised are coming - if they do well we are going to invest more resources on conference notes - no one liked my parody Q3 ltter - some of those lines and quotes are actually from letters but probably a bit of overkill - emerging managers keep telling me they are getting investors from being "profiled here" - one colleague told me recently got over $1M in AUM just from here- ill take a finders fee (and you should offer at least a few grand if i got your fund $500k or whatever) working out details with our legal since i dont want a conflict of interest and also waiting on FINRA registration for that which will be unrelated to ValueWalk (new to follow!) but I know some major allocators looking for good small hedge funds to invest in (not seed)  but also if you are interested in good emerging managers and small caps check out HVS for more on that - right now we are not being compensated and we would be upfront eabout that even if there was no legal reuiqrement. Anyway, again we do not endose anyone or anything

UPDATED 11:50PM ST on Nov 16 2017 we still have more coming in especially conferences. On that note if you are semi competent and live in London or will be there at the end of Nov please contact me jacob@valuewalk.com for potential offer

Update 9:30PM EST on Nov 12 2017

UPDATE 10/16 for Q3 2017 hedge fund letters going forward we are adding dates by individual items to help you better identify what is new - thanks to readers for the feedback

Last updated: 11/07/17 12:15AM EST with more letters also we are experimenting with in depth conference notes if it does well we intent to continue - we will be posting more over coming days and weeks
Q3 2017 hedge fund letters LAST UPDATED 11/5/17 12:10AM EST with some letters full Capitalize For Kids notes and much more coming
LAST UPDATED 11/03/2017 with C4K conference, Odey and some other letters - EBI conference coming soon
Q3 2017 hedge fund letters LAST UPDATED 10/31/2017 at 05:55PM EST updated with full Robinhood notes lots of letters and much more conference coverage coming in the next few days


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Without further to do Q3 2017 hedge fund letters below and stay tuned because this page was just launched
Q3 2017 hedge fund letters

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