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This Week’s Best Investing Reads

Here is a list of this week’s best investing reads:

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Finding Deep Value Stocks with the Acquirer’s Multiple (

Understanding Speed and Velocity: Saying “NO” to the Non-Essential (Farnam Street)

Some Perspective on Investing Advice (A Wealth of Common Sense)

The Easy Pickings (The Irrelevant Investor)

How The Passive Investing Mania Undermined Its Most Basic Assumption, Part Deux (Jesse Felder)

It Takes Two (The Reformed Broker)

Investing is Hard (MicroCapClub)

Expectations vs. Forecasts (Collaborative Fund)

Value Investing and Fangs: An Unlikely Marriage (FT)

Want To Survive A Rising-Rate Environment? Avoid These Mistakes (ValueWalk)

Has ‘Oracle of Omaha’ Warren Buffett lost his touch? (Irish Times)

Investors Still In Love With Growth Stocks Risk Losing Out On Value (Nasdaq)

How Great Storytelling Can Blind Us From Reality (Of Dollars and Data)

Wild, But Not Crazy (Cliff Asness)

This Week’s Best Investing Research Reads:

Performance Measurement: How to Do It If We Must (Research Affiliates)

Why Financial Statements Don’t Work for Highly Innovative Companies (Advisor Perspectives)

The Portfolio-Driven Disposition Effect (papers.ssrn)

Is The US Stock Market Overvalued? Depends on which Model You Ask (Alpha Architect)

This Week’s Best Investing Podcasts

The Magic Number (Michael Batnick & Ben Carlson)

Ed Yardeni, “We’ve Got Good Growth with Low Inflation and that’s a Very Good Environment for Stocks and Okay Environment for Bonds” (Meb Faber)

The Compound Effect by Darren Hardy (The Investors Podcast)

Company Culture, Collaboration and Competition: A Discussion With Margaret Heffernan (Shane Parrish)

Boyd Varty – The Art of Tracking (Patrick O’Shaughnessy)

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