2018 Q1 Hedge Fund Letters – UPDATED 4/20 Russia And Much More

Created on 4/3/18 we will be adding much more over the coming months and weeks in particular so please stay tuned [highlight color="red"]Updated 4/20[/highlight] 4/4 2018 some updates also a few late additions to 2017 section Also see 2016 letters For 2017 Q1 Q2 Q3 Small caps q4 Q4/FY/H2 NOTE: The list is mostly in category and alphabetical order. While most funds listed below are hedge funds some are mutual funds or other (i.e. Berkshire Hathaway), some letters are public Additionally, we cannot post full letters in most cases because of US copyright law and it would likely not fall under fair use (please understand this and read our TOS before subscribing)! Q1 Conferences RTRS - Samantha Greenberg Letters Absolute Return 3/3 Mar 4/2 on Amazon 2/21 Akre 4/12 Arkto 4/19 Askeladden Capital 4/3 Alluvial Feb 3/10 Angelo Gordon...

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