John C. Bogle: Index vs Actively Managed Funds and Why Vanguard Is So Successful

An interview and Q&A with legendary investor and founder of the Vanguard Group, John C. Bogle. In this interview, John discusses index funds and how they are superior to actively managed funds and other investment products. John also talks about the history of Vanguard and what has made it so successful.

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Video Segments: 0:00 Introduction 4:02 How has Vanguard managed to be so successful? 5:20 Are you surprised no one has copied your structure? 6:08 Did you ever imagine the company would grow to this size? 8:01 It flopped at the beginning? 9:05 Is the popularity of index funds a problem? 11:00 Why does Vanguard have active managers? 15:09 Why are Hedge funds so popular? 16:41 Personal rules for investing? 18:09 Most significant changes in investing over the last 65 years? 22:00 Difference in investing attitudes across generational groups? 23:50 What is it like at Vanguard? 26:49 Do bond funds still make sense in a low interest rate economy? 28:56 Advice for young people? 31:02 Tributes 33:42 What is the most important thing to you? 35:46 Value investing? 39:04 Most valuable lesson and biggest mistake? 43:59 Can we still rely on history? 47:03 What is a concise way to make millenials think about retirement? 48:54 Favourite book on investments? 49:39 Do you believe the markets are efficient? 51:40 Advice for creating income when bonds are underperforming? 54:04 Will our countries debt ever catch up to us? 55:28 No reason to hold a precious metal fund? 57:00 Do you ever talk shop with other financial wizards? 59:41 Can anyone be an expert at market timing? 1:01:05 Effect of high frequency trading on individual investors? 1:02:51 Fiduciary standard rule? 1:05:11

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