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Hanatour Service

Hanatour Service Is a Cash-Loaded Korean Tour Operator


Hanatour Service Inc. established in 1993 is the largest travel company in Korea selling over 140,000 travel products (primarily including outbound and inbound package tours) worldwide through their website and has around 8,000 retail travel agencies located across Korea.


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Hanatour Service

Hanatour is top-ranked in terms of volume of tickets sold for 15 consecutive years.

Business Description

Hanatour’s Tourism service business offers various styles of travel tour packages, and airline and hotel booking services whereas the wholesale business deals with wholesaling of tour products through sales offices, partners and affiliates. In 2017, Hanatour had about 23% market share in departures from Korea.

The duty-free business started in 2015 at Incheon Airport offering duty-free products at all airport terminals. The overseas subsidiary businesses are mainly developing and operating hotels. The company has a total of 33 subsidiaries, 12 overseas, including in Japan, China, and Europe.

Hanatour Service

Its other businesses include online business which handles social networking services and online tour portals and cultural business which does investment in educational programs and performance productions.

In December 2017, Hanatour Japan (6561 JP) (subsidiary) was listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange and the funds raised are mainly being used for further expansion of hotel operations, expansion of tour bus service and opening a new online duty-free store in Japan.


Park Sang-Hwan has served as the Chairman of Hanatour since 2008. He also currently holds the position of co-CEO in the company. He completed his Bachelor’s degree from Chung-Ang University and received master’s degree in Economics from Sungkyunkwan University. He also received a Doctorate degree from Kyung Hee University. All three universities are located in Korea.

Hanatour Service

Jin Kook-Kim has served as the co-CEO of Hanatour since 2016.

World Class Benchmarking

Profitable Growth has dropped considerably since 2013-2015 but showed a slight recovery to #7 in the past 12 months.

Profitability has fallen to #8 from being ranked #4 in 2015. In the past 12 months, Hanatour’s Growth rank stood at #3, its best rank over the past five years.

Hanatour Service

Asset utilization has gradually improved over the years and has ranked at #4 since 2016. Profit margin has showed the opposite trend and has ranked at #8 since 2016.

Sales growth has ranked in the top 20% since 2015. On the other hand, Margin change has performed poorly for most of the observed period.

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