Steven Cohen

Steven Cohen, Cliff Asness And Neil Chriss: Hedge Funds, Global Investing And Algorithmic Investing

An interview with hedge fund, family office and asset management CEO’s Steven Cohen, Cliff Asness and Neil Chriss. In this interview, the gentlemen discuss the hedge fund industry and the impact of using computers instead of humans to invest. They also talk about global investing, less capital and how to find alpha.

Video Segments:

0:00 Introduction

1:08 Are hedge funds worth the fees they charge? (Neil, Cliff)

3:58 How do you outperform? (Steven)

5:37 Law of numbers and market becoming an index? (Neil)

7:22 Is that an argument for multi managers?(Neil, Steven, Cliff)

10:05 Does looking at Europe and Asian make sense?(Steven)

11:24 Does global investing become a barrier to entry?(Steven)

12:58 How does a new hedge fund compete? (Neil)

14:43 What should a manager be thinking when diversifying? (Cliff)

17:28 Is there a sentiment shift towards hedge funds? (Neil, Cliff, Steven)

23:57 How do I figure which hedge fund to allocate capital too? (Steven)

25:23 Do fees get affected? (Cliff, Steven, Neil)

31:15 Are we even going to need humans?(Cliff, Steven, Neil)

40:32 How do you figure out who will be a great fund manager? (Neil)

43:45 Seeding business? (Cliff)

45:29 Earliest influences? (Cliff, Steven)

48:52 Greatest strengths and greatest weakness?(Neil)

50:14 What inspires you? (Steven)

51:37 Thoughts on the election? (Cliff, Neil, Steven)


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