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150 Of The Best Investing Blogs On The Planet (2018)

It’s that time of the year again when Tobias and I sit down to pick out one hundred of the best investing blogs on the planet. This year, with so many great blogs, we’ve extended the list to one hundred and fifty. This list is by no means complete but if you’re an investor, take some time to read through the great blogs on this list, they’ll provide you with an awesome starting point for your investing education.

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Best Investing Blogs

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If you think we’ve missed a great investing blog, stick it in the comments section below.

Here’s 150 of the best investing blogs on the planet for 2018, plus a couple more (In no particular order):

  1. Abnormal Returns
  2. Market Folly
  3. Zero Hedge
  4. Jason Zweig
  5. csinvesting
  6. The Reformed Broker
  7. A Wealth of Common Sense
  8. The Felder Report
  9. The Irrelevant Investor
  10. Greenbackd
  11. Farnam Street
  12. Collaborative Fund
  13. Musings on Markets
  14. Safal Niveshak
  15. Meb Faber
  16. Guru Focus
  17. Saber Capital
  18. Base Hit Investing
  19. Micro Cap Club
  20. Contrarian Edge
  21. Value Investing on Reddit
  22. Validea’s Guru Investor
  23. Seeking Alpha
  24. Alpha Architect
  25. Value Investors Club
  26. The Investor’s Fieldguide
  27. What Works On Wall Street
  28. The Investors Podcast
  29. Value Investing Journey
  30. Value Investing News
  31. Corner of Berkshire and Fairfax Forum
  32. Dataroma
  33. Howard Marks Memos
  34. Novel Investor
  35. ValueWalk
  36. Schroders – The Value Perspective
  37. 25iq
  38. Michael Mauboussin
  39. The Savvy Investor
  40. Chai with Pabrai
  41. Enterprising Investor
  42. Pension Partners
  43. The Brooklyn Investor
  44. Vintage Value Investing
  45. Aleph Blog
  46. Barel Karsan
  47. Wexboy
  48. Old School Value
  49. Pragmatic Capitalism
  50. Bronte Capital
  51. Lyn Alden
  52. Capital Ideas Online
  53. Zen Investor
  54. Stable Investor
  55. Arbor Investment Planner
  56. Investor Junkie
  57. Fundoo Professor
  58. Investopedia
  59. The Wall Street Transcript
  60. Marc To Market
  61. The Bogle eBlog
  62. Philosophical Economics
  63. Big Law Investor
  64. Price Action Lab
  65. Harvard Business Review
  66. Reminiscences of a Stock Blogger
  67. Value Stock Geek
  68. Glen Chan
  69. Carl Icahn
  70. Graham and Doddsville
  71. The Evidence-Based Investor
  72. The Mad Flentist
  73. Financial Mentor
  74. The Big Picture
  75. Investment Master Class
  76. Dividend Guy
  77. The College Investor
  78. UK Value Investor
  79. Brian Langis
  80. The Chicago Financial Planner
  81. Behavioural Investment
  82. My Investment Ideas
  83. Financial Ducks In A Row
  84. Don’t Quit Your Day Job
  85. Chris Reining
  86. Behavioral Value Investor
  87. Mish Talk
  88. Wallet Hacks
  89. Eurosharelab
  90. Oozing Alpha
  91. Distressed Debt Investing
  92. Frugal Rules
  93. Betterment
  94. Insider Monkey
  95. Alpha Ideas
  96. Real Investment Advice
  97. Advisor Perspectives
  98. Understanding and Applying Value Investing Principles
  99. The Simple Path To Wealth
  100. Shadow Stock
  101. Cliff’s Perspective
  102. Whale Wisdom
  103. Retire By 40
  104. Stock and Ladder
  105. The Rational Walk
  106. Divhut
  107. The Investments Blog
  108. The White Coat Investor
  109. Hurricane Capital
  110. The Macro Tourist
  111. Stingy Investor
  112. Magic Diligence
  113. Nerd’s Eye View
  114. Dividend Cashflow
  115. Value Investing World
  116. Rule One Investing
  117. SSRN Papers
  118. Disciplined Systematic Global Macro Views
  119. Visual Capitalist
  120. Crossing Wall Street
  121. Dan Ariely
  122. Mine Safety Disclosures
  123. Value Stock Guide
  124. Sure Dividend
  125. 13D Research
  126. Oblivious Investor
  127. Of Dollars and Data
  128. Investing Haven
  129. Frank K Martin
  130. Intelligent Fanatics
  131. OTC Adventures
  132. Research Puzzle
  133. Net Net Hunter
  134. Financial Samurai
  135. The Fifth Person
  136. Dividend Monk
  137. Focused Compounding
  138. Odd Ball Stocks
  139. No Name Stocks
  140. Flirting With Models
  141. MOI Global
  142. Fortune Financial
  143. The Ben Graham Center For Value Investing
  144. Above the Market
  145. Value and Opportunity
  146. Value and Prices
  147. Portfolio Management Jar
  148. Long Term Value
  149. Divestor
  150. Clark Street Value
  151. Cove Street Capital
  152. Fat Pitch Financials
  153. Alpha Vulture
  154. Investment U
  155. Value Tribes
  156. Absolute Return Investing With Eric Cinnamond
  157. The Acquirer’s Multiple – Stock Screener

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