UPDATE 8/1 6:20 PM EST EVERYONE HAS BEEN IMPORTED BUT ALL accounts need password reset (if you have not done so this week) and some accounts may need manual activation - We are still waiting on the import of nonpaypal and Mediapass customers we will make good on any time owed (and more) but if you are waiting we are happy to set you up manually if you are having trouble despite resetting your password please email us at (please only use this email, other contact addresses will lead to delays) if you paid with a non paypal method or if you are still having trouble despite reseting your password  please contact support(@) and include your payment method, payment email and date of payment and we will  try to assist you up ASAP.   UPDATE 7/31 41:03PM EST we just changed plugins yesterday to better service our paying members. This new plugin is MUCH MUCH better but you have to reset your password to login. All info was transfered and there is no change whatsoever for existing subs (besides better functioning plugin and great features coming). That said we are still working on finishing touches to implement everything perfectly please bare with us.  Additionally, we are still importing users who signed up manually, those who got free passes and MediaPass members. MediaPass membership now working Besides that site is functioning with basic features under the new plugin at the time of this writing although we are working on speed If you have any issues with your account please contact  (please do not connect any other emails, it will delay our response) and we will respond to everyone (and will try to get back instantly) but may be delayed because of demand with this switch. Additionally, if its related to this not much we can do until this finished. Rest assured we will make up any time lost (and more) which is our fault and more so please have some patience for the next couple of hours (or unlikely but possibly days) till things are settled. We will send a formal email with details to the entire list and credit time to anyone owed in the coming days. We look forward to not only better service but also many new features we have planned once this new plugin is finished being installed. Thank you for your business and support   The Management

Jacob Wolinsky

Jacob Wolinsky is the founder of, a popular value investing and hedge fund focused investment website. Prior to ValueWalk, Jacob was VP of Business Development at SumZero. Prior to SumZero, Jacob worked as an equity analyst first at a micro-cap focused private equity firm, followed by a stint at a smid cap focused research shop. Jacob lives with his wife and three kids in Passaic NJ. - Email: jacob(at)valuewalk.comFD: I do not purchase any equities to avoid conflict of interest and any insider information. I have a few existing holdings from years ago, but mostly mutual funds and some ETFs. I also own 2.5 grams of Gold

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