Becoming A Mineral Mastermind

In the early 1930’s a group of somewhat crusty professors spent their Tuesday mornings mulling about at an unassuming pub on St. Giles Street in Oxford, England. In addition to the inevitable beer and breakfast, this weekly meetup was held with the intent of discussing literature.


Capitalist Exploits

Capitalist Exploits is a team of globe-trotting professionals dedicated to seeking out and investing into unique, undiscovered, and profitable opportunities worldwide. This could be an asymmetric trading opportunity in the global currency markets, seeding a tech startup in Israel, or co-investing into a bespoke private equity deal in Ghana!Our team lives and spends time in several different countries, on several different continents. Although we all come from different cultural backgrounds and parts of this great ball of dirt hurtling through space, in today’s world this matters little, as our values and mission are all aligned.

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