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I am suggesting a major shift in portfolios today!

We should consider shifting more to US away from Intl equities in my opinion. Gradually US policy has shifted to growth while Intl policies remain as they have been the past. The potential for the US has significantly improved on a relative basis. We see some shift to a stronger US$ in recent months as a result. Our Intl holdings shifted lower as a result.

Experience suggests we are in a period of indecision currently. As we come out of this period, I expect to see the rising tide of economic growth in the US hit the headlines and produce higher US equity prices. Eventually, I still expect the US$ to drift lower towards its historical trend representing stronger US creativity/productivity than elsewhere as the US continues to export its standard of living globally.

Net/net US equities likely to outperform Intl equities going forward and likely to be spurred even higher as US$ shifts lower. It is all about improved US productivity vs. other global opportunities. My suggestion is to shift assets to all US/Domestic equities.


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