Will We Live For 1,000 Years?

Will science help longevity?

As medical science continues to evolve in leaps and bounds over the next few decades, there's no reason why humans could not live for at least 1,000 years or probably more, according to Ori Eyal, the Founder and Managing Partner of Emerging Value Capital Management. Read the full whitepaper here. Ori has reached this conclusion following an extensive research process on longevity. He published his thoughts on the topic in a white paper at the beginning of June. While this topic isn't directly related to investing, it has some significant implications for the investment world. Freeze the aging process? A prospective lifespan of 1,000 years might seem laughable at first, but Ori believes that, at the current pace of medical industry change, it will be entirely possible to extend our lifespans substantially or even possibly reverse aging in the near future. [caption id="attachment_1790605" align="aligncenter" width="300"] Photo by AFGE [/caption] At the core of this belief is the acknowledgment that the human body is "just a machine," that is subject to the same universal laws of physics, mechanics, chemistry and biochemistry as other machines. In the right environment, a machine can last forever -- if there are enough parts to replace...

Rupert Hargreaves

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