Anric Blatt Lauralouise Blatt

Why 98% Of All Emerging Managers Fail To Reach $100m In Assets

Anric Blatt, who I have known since 2004, is a great entrepreneur and visionary who for the last 23 years has been building fund management businesses and for the past 17 years has been an active investor in hedge funds. Anric has been a champion and proponent of emerging and smaller managers for a very long time. At one of his firms he was running four different portfolios allocating to emerging managers. He has lived in and built businesses in Africa, Asia, Europe and the US.

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Anric Blatt Lauralouise Blatt

Lauralouise Blatt has spent the last 25 years running investment management businesses in the C-Suite as COO, CFO, CCO and CEO of many of the industry's best known players. She has built and launched funds in the US, Europe, Eastern Europe and Emerging Markets in strategies ranging from Global Macro, Energy, Emerging Markets, Equities, Derivatives and Impact Assets. Together, they have done Due Diligence on thousands of managers, allocated to many hundreds of hedge funds and built over 50 specialist funds themselves, many of these focused on Emerging Managers.

Hear this dynamic duo talk about some of the typical shortcomings and pain points they see in their work with emerging managers. They cover the five main reasons why 98% of all emerging managers fail to reach $100m in assets and highlight major factors that emerging managers must focus on.

Anric and Lauralouise have developed six training modules, each with various sub modules, that help smaller and emerging managers to develop a really successful businesses that can stand the test of time. They also explain how they actually work with managers on a day to day basis and offer a free consultation for the first 25 interested managers – reserve your spot here:

01:02: With their Global Fund Advisors business, Lauralouise and Anric have pulled together five decades of work experience in building fund management companies to help emerging managers succeed and grow their business. But what’s their motivation?

08:08: Five main reasons why 98% of all emerging manager fail to reach $100m in assets - “Barking up the wrong tree”: Not knowing which business they are really in. - “Just starting to pitch”: Neglecting the first 65% of the sale. - No disciplined, automated, scalable sales process. - Failing to make Due Diligence an integral part of the sales process. - No appropriate business plan.

15:49: Six training modules, each with various sub modules.

24:25: Free consultation for first 25 interested managers. What are your specific challenges? Videos as part of sales and prospecting process.

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