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Ultra-Wealthy Population

World’s Ultra-Wealthy Population, In One Chart

Reaching the status of “millionaire” used to be a big deal.

But with rising inflation, a higher cost of living in cities, and changing perceptions around wealth, the six zero milestone doesn’t mean as much anymore.

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Ultra-Wealthy Population

Heck, there are over 16 million millionaires globally, and 4.3 million in the United States alone. Therefore, to really get a sense of the makeup of the world’s ultra-wealthy population, we need a more exclusive and finely-tuned indicator.

The $50 million Benchmark

Today’s infographic comes to us from the Knight Frank Wealth Report 2018, which you should absolutely check out if global wealth is a topic of interest to you.

The visualization breaks down the world’s 129,730 people that have fortunes of US$50 million and above. It’s a much narrower measure, representing just the upper echelon (top 1%) of the world’s millionaire population.

The graphic sorts these ultra-wealthy people by country and region, but also breaks down the change in population between 2016 (Q4) and 2017 (Q4).

The Ultra-Wealthy by Region

Here’s the $50 million and above population sorted by region:

Rank Region Ultra-wealthy pop (>$50mm) 1-yr growth rate
Total 129,730
#1 North America 44,000 +5%
#2 Asia 35,880 +15%
#3 Europe 35,180 +10%
#4 Middle East 4,740 +3%
#5 Latin America 4,220 +20%
#6 Russia & CIS 2,870 +26%
#7 Australasia 1,650 +9%
#8 Africa 1,190 +7%

North America still reigns supreme, but Asia is fast catching up and has already surpassed Europe in this measure of wealth. It’s worth noting that in the one-year span between 2016 (Q4) and 2017 (Q4), the ultra-wealthy population for Asia grew a solid 15%.

It’s also surprising to see that Latin America and Russia & CIS are experiencing such high rates of growth in their >$50 million populations, as well.

Top 10 Ultra-Wealthy Countries

By absolute population, here are the top 10 countries for the ultra-wealthy, based on the above data:

Rank Country Ultra-wealthy pop (>$50mm) % of global total
#1 United States 38,500 29.7%
#2 Japan 9,960 7.7%
#3 Mainland China 8,800 6.8%
#4 Germany 8,070 6.2%
#5 Canada 5,500 4.2%
#6 France 5,240 4.0%
#7 Hong Kong, China 5,140 4.0%
#8 United Kingdom 4,580 3.5%
#9 Switzerland 3,710 2.9%
#10 Italy 3,150 2.4%

The U.S. holds about 30% of the world’s ultra-wealthy population, while China adds up to nearly 11% when including both Mainland China and Hong Kong in the calculations.

Switzerland (8.4 million people) punches above its weight class, hitting the #9 spot globally, while Canada takes the #5 spot despite having fewer people (36 million) than the majority of the countries on the list.

Article by Visual Capitalist


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