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Raw Excel Datasheets And Macro Data For Roger’s Articles

Most of our readers are bottom down investors but a good percentage like to at least consider macro if not put a very heavy weight to it. Therefore, we have ramped up our premium section with some awesome macro articles with lots of data to see how we came to our charts. Since it is hard to find the individual areas at times we decided to link all of it here.

Premium Readers can find excel sheets for the data behind Roger Harrison's articles on this page

Below are some of the topics we have covered so far as of October 2018 - some of these sheets are just a few lines of excel others more in depth with one charting inflation in almost every country back several decades. If you have more questions about methodology please contact [email protected] for more information.

  • Growth and elections Oct 2018
  • Home sales Oct 2018
  • Housing starts 2018
  • GDP by metro and some historic world GDP Sept 2018
  • Trump and stocks Sept 2018
  • Inflation and stock data September 2018

The links to the articles can be found here

Readers can login to see the raw data below


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