Dan David short this Taiwanese bike company at Kase shortselling conference – Full Transcript – ValueWalk Premium

Dan David short this Taiwanese bike company at Kase shortselling conference – Full Transcript

Dan David short this Taiwanese bike company at Kase shortselling conference

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So, the title of my presentation is Don’t Quit Your Day Job. It might make more and more sense as we go on. Somebody here asked me earlier today, “Now that you’ve lost your campaign for congress are you going to go back to short sell?” Two things, one I didn’t lose, I came second in a two person race. There’s a big difference, huge, tremendous difference. And second, yes, don’t quit your day job. So, what we’ll talk about a little bit here today, because when you want me to discuss The China Hustle, we’ll kind of keep that a little short, [inaudible] our history and then maybe I’ll throw in a little short idea in there. This is very related to running for congress, painful. So, do I have my little clicker here? There we go. [Inaudible] because we always need one, I’m sure you guys will move back to it a little bit later. But I will now [inaudible] and it’ll be obvious later in the presentation towards the end that I am not short anything that we’re talking about here today, and I’ll explain that at the end. So many of you understand where are one’s goals. We’re talking 2009, the unprecedented growth story, in China MediaExpress, we can along there, L&L Energy. When we go to these companies, we invest in these companies.

We bought China MediaExpress [inaudible] at 17 cents and cashed them in at 5 or 6 plus, we thought this was fantastic, it really pulled us out of 2008. The companies were performing in the market, creating an opportunity for mid-market participants like us to cover these companies and be successful. Our research pipeline was, they were in the hundreds, and all these companies, as you remember were seeing double digit, 30, 50% revenue growth, EPS growth, all the rest, great. In come the evil short sellers, the Cabal as I’ve been called a few times in many lawsuits, I’m not sure [inaudible], but we were apparently all a part of a group as we are here today, we just [inaudible] on the same idea, right. And then came out [inaudible] in 2010, I was pretty sure, coming from the corporate world right away, that they were wrong, they were always making problems, they’re making these things up to make money. And who were these people? I mean we were the first person to start talking that made any sense about the issues in China and [inaudible] filings was [inaudible] investments boards. Anybody remember [inaudible] investment boards? I bet [inaudible] does, is he here? No, okay. [inaudible] ended up being a 100% right.


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