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midstream equity

The Case For Midstream Equity vs REITs

FYI, someone pointed out that midstream equity (aka pipelines) is being sold down along with energy equities, however they really are more like REITs, as they have little commodity exposure and really are more about occupancy (aka volume).
I looked into it and I think its a compelling story that no one is writing about.  Pipelines have shown little sensitivity to oil and have little earnings risk, whereas that has not been true for REITs

Pipelines (aka midstream equity) have better earnings stability, but the same dividend risk as REITs. The price volatility, measured by max drawdown, is the same also. But aren’t earnings what ultimately count?

Q3 hedge fund letters, conference, scoops etc

midstream equity

(Note: DCF is Distributable Cash Flow, cash flow available after all expenses and maintenance of buildings and pipelines. For a REIT, it is often called FAD, funds available for distribution)1

Figure 1: REITs crash and recovery

midstream equity

Figure 2: Midstream equity under immense pressure since 2015 but earnings are higher!?

midstream equity

1 Source for MLP data is Wells Fargo, source for REIT DCF is Deutsche Bank. Price charts from Google.

Article by Matt P

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