Global Return Asset Management

Global Return Asset Management January 2019 Update

Global Return Asset Management performance update for the month ended January 31, 2019.

Q4 hedge fund letters, conference, scoops etc

Global Return Asset Management

For the month of January, we generated a net return of 10.24%.1 We ended the month with 11% of assets in cash and had a net market exposure of 51%.

Global Return Asset Management

Investment Objective

Seeks long-term capital appreciation and income using value investing strategies focused on risk management.

Investment Highlights

  • Concentrated portfolio of U.S. listed stocks
  • Long-term focus with low turnover
  • Bottom-up fundamental analysis
  • Hedged with index options
  • Fully integrated ESG

Primarily invests in select high-quality companies that are market leaders with a history of increasing revenues and cash flow, have high returns on invested capital and durable competitive advantages. Short exposure with index options for risk management.

Global Return Asset Management

About Global Return

We’re technology-powered value investors focused on risk management. Our advanced technology and proprietary risk management strategies have enabled us to consistently deliver superior risk-adjusted returns since our inception. Visit our website to learn more.

Global Return Asset Management

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