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ETFs Vs Mutual Funds: Who Wins? Investors. (Ryan Kirlin)

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Without question, you have heard of Exchange Traded Funds, also commonly referred to as ETFs.

It’s a complex topic so I brought in the best person I know to help us break it down, in plain English. Ryan Kirlin is the Head of Capital Markets for Alpha Architect. He’s also a national-caliber rowing athlete and his claim to fame is having been tested at a resting heart rate of 38 while on the U.S. team for rowing. It was the second-lowest resting heart rate recorded by the US team doctors in 40 years!

Today, with Ryan’s help, we’ll dig into:

1.) What exactly an ETF is

2.) How ETFs are different from a mutual fund

3.) The tax benefits of an ETF versus a mutual fund

4.) Why their popularity won’t be slowing down any time soon

Listen to today’s podcast episode by clicking on the links below:

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You can listen to the podcast via the link below:

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