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Brandometry’s Tony Wenzel On How To Value Companies In The Age Of Intangibles

ValueWalk's Raul Panganiban interviews Tony Wenzel, the Co-Founder and President of Brandometry.

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Interview with Brandometry's Tony Wenzel

Hello podcast listeners. Today's a very special episode with Tony Wenzel. He is Brandometry's Co-Founder and president. He brings over 20 years of experience as a business leader, and track record of success and fast growing technology firms and analytics, ecommerce, IoT, video media systems and Brand econometrics. Wenzel holds an MBA with an emphasis in finance. In today's episode, we discuss Brandometry. I want to welcome Tony to the show, and I want to welcome all the listeners to a very special episode.

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Welcome to value talk with Raul.

Just want to welcome our listeners to a very special episode I have Tony Wenzel, co founder and president of Brandometry. Tony, welcome to the show.

Hey, thanks for having me.

All right, yeah, if we can just begin with your career background. And what led you to the ETF space?

Yeah, you know, my background, I kind of got into the ETFs space by accident. I co founded a brand econometrics firm. I have a history in kind of startup software. In fact, the brand econometrics firm Susan of ARD, who was one of our founders was cofounders was on the board directors of that firm. And what we were doing was looking at how branded investment drives brand value from an input to outputs perspective. So how do I invest brand dollars into certain activities to create perceptual equity that drives specific behaviours to improve profit growth, risk and cost of capital, that kind of stuff. So kind of nerdy, wonky stuff, but you know, my backgrounds you know, as in software is probably not as exciting as my colleagues, Larry Medin is a 35 year industry guy who worked at Met Life and BNP Paribas, Bank of America. And he's founded a few other financial companies since then to Avatar and Toroso as well as this one. And Susan Avarde, our other Co-Founder is, was Global CMO of Citygroup for 15 years. So she spent some time at the highest levels of the industry, and she was at Landor and I think she was an art director for Vogue magazine too. So you know, that that's kind of I hope, like if I in terms of software, I've done all kinds of different software from analytics. A bunch of guys that came out of McKinsey did a big analytics thing that was kind of big data before there was really big data using math and And some of that refers to e commerce sites and then video


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