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Bulls Getting Greedy As Sentiment Stretched… Big Time

Headline: Equity Markets Love Covid Driven Liquidity

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There Are Almost An Infinite Supply Of Equity Market Indicators.

Still…No One Indicator…Or Even A Cocktail Of Many Indicators…Is Even Close To Perfect…Let Alone Regularly Reliable.

Frankly…Most Indicators Are Entirely Useless…When Tested Across Vast Data Sets Over Just Medium Time Frames.

But A Select Few Do Merit Attention.

One Such Indicator…Is Investor’s Intelligence Weekly Bull/Bear Data.

Yet…Despite It’s Relatively Simple Presentation…This Data Series Can Be Surprisingly Complicated To Interpret…

As It Can Be “Sliced + Diced” Into Scores Of Iterations.

Anyway…According To The “Sliced and Diced” Version…What Does It Currently Indicate?

That Professional Money Managers Are Excessively Bullish…To A Rare Extreme.

But Just Because This Contrarian Signal Is Flashing BRIGHT RED Does NOT Necessarily Indicate That Equity Markets Are Primed For A Short Term Sell-Off…Though That Could Easily Occur.

Further…Even At Presently Taut Levels This Particular Sentiment Indicator Could Prove “Sticky” For Several Months…Through Year End ’20 Without Much Of A Problem…As Its Tactical Value Is Debate-able.

Eventually Though…It Will Reverse…As Its Strategic Worth Is Solid.

So When The Sentiment Data Actually Do Revert…Equity Markets Are Particularly Vulnerable To A Sharp Move Lower…As There Is Not Much Slack For Any Unfavorable News… Or Just Maybe…Not Enough Favorable News To Maintain Richly Valued Indices/Shares.

Thus…To NOT Include This Sentiment Data In A Quiver Of Broad Qualitative + Quantitative Market Indicators…Could Be Costly…

As The Big 4 Equity Indices Have Rallied Tremendously Off Of Their March ’20 Lows…Without Much Of A Meaningful Pullback.

Consider The Following Returns Since March 23, 2020…

SPY = + 68.19% [see above]

DIA = + 65.29%

IWM = + 93.79%

QQQ = + 85.01%

In Just 8 Months = Simply Remarkable.

The 4 Primary Reasons To Account For The Equity Rally…

  1. Federal Reserve Liquidity Injections [see shaded portion of chart].
  2. U.S. Treasury Liquidity Measures.
  3. TINA = There Is No Alternative [to equities].
  4. FOMO = Fear Of Missing Out [on equity gains].

Hence…Almost Unprecedented…Colossal + Unrestricted Bullishness.

Naturally…Bullish Sentiment Could Elevate Even Higher…But That Would Likely Be Short Lived.

Article by Global Slant

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