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Amazon books

Our Readers’ Favorite Investment Books

Black Friday is approaching and this year it is set to be the biggest one ever and Amazon will be having lots of sales. We will be posting the best deals last year we posted some super hot tech deals which were were very popular among our readers, Echo Dot was the most popular item after PlayStation 2. We get a fee for every sale from Amazon but it costs you zero – we appreciate your support since when you purchase from our links we cannot see who it is but it helps support the site (so don't be shy!!). Last year our Amazon affiliate sales for Black Friday/Cyber Monday equalled are Amazon sales for the entire year! So Jeff Bezos can also thank us for the support. With that said we will put tech aside and look at the most popular Amazon books among ValueWalk readers for 2017 and there may be some big Amazon book sales, too so stay tuned.

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Amazon books

I always am unsure how to weight it since books like The Intelligent Investor usually get linked a lot more than some fantastic new books - so do i go by ratio only use new books, newish books - it depends on the post also ebooks are not always included by Amazon and different editions sometimes are hard to pull up for an exact number (at least with different editions usually more of an old book issue) for this oneAmazon books helped me since they would only let me pull up 90 days of data so I decided to include everything by total sales from 8/13/2017-11/10/2017.

Below are the best selling Amazon books over the past 90 days according to our readers, not many surprises besides #1 which i think was recommended by Ray Dalio (whose own book did well) among others, and #7 am not too familiar with. We interviewed 3/4 out of the top 10 here in just the past few months (we linked those interviews below)

Top 10/11 Amazon books listed below

10. Pitch the Perfect Investment by Paul Sonkin and Paul Johnson

9. The Art of Short Selling by Kathryn F. Staley

8. The Most Important Thing by Howard Marks

7. The Art of Asset Allocation: Principles and Investment Strategies for Any Market by David H Darst

6. You Can Be a Stock Market Genius by Joel Greenblatt

5. Fortunes in Special Situations in the Stock Market by Tom Jacobs, editor of the newly-revised and republished edition of Maurece Schiller's masterpiece (interview)

4. The Intelligent Investor by Ben Graham

3. Value Investing: From Graham to Buffett and Beyond  by Bruce C. N. Greenwald,? Judd Kahn,? Paul D. Sonkin,? Michael van Biema

2. Principles: Life and Work by Ray Dalio (interview Part I and Part II).

And the winner is!

  1. The Lessons of History Paperback – February 16, 2010 by Will Durant

Oops seems this book actually topped #1 it is not an investment book but still! te best seller is Crucial Conversations Tools for Talking When Stakes Are High by Kerry Patterson,? Joseph Grenny,? Ron McMillan,? Al Switzler

Actually when i include other editions Durant is #1 I see so FWIW The Lessons of History was our readers' favorite.


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