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”Apple” Wealth Management

The following is a hypothetical and fictional account of how big tech can disrupt the wealth management industry. A back-to-client focus is discussed, reminiscent of how Apple’s Mac OS empowered users and supplanted predecessor operating systems.

Michael, head of venture investments, has requested a meeting with Robert, the board member in charge of the investment sub-committee. Stefan, one of Michael’s young analysts, has also been instructed to prepare a proposal for his new investment idea. Stefan has been cautioned by Michael about Robert’s disdain for time wasting. They are in the boardroom waiting for Robert.

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“Remember to be short and precise. My guess is you have 10 minutes to capture Robert’s attention.” Robert arrives on time, gives a friendly nod to the guests, and takes a seat at the opposite table.

What do we have on the table today, Michael?

A novel approach to the wealth management industry, a key adjacency market.

You are referring to another fintech.

Not exactly. Fintechs concentrate on disrupting certain functions within the pipes of the system. This, on the other hand, is about a fresh approach to the entire industry. Stefan is the one who came up with the idea.

Let us hear it, but keep it brief. I am in the middle of two meetings. Stefan, what is the issue you would like us to address?

Stefan sits up straight, clears his throat, and selects his first slide from the computer screen. Robert pays little attention to the slide and instead focuses on Stefan.

The issue is a paradox within the wealth management industry.


The irony of a highly tailored industry gradually becoming pret-a-porter. It started a few decades ago, when WM started adopting the pension fund industry’s methodology or “operating system.”


Although this pension fund OS is well-suited for pension fund agents, it is a poor fit for WM principals. It turned out to be a pret-a-porter software framework.

What is the opportunity for us?

Getting to the bottom of this mismatch. Creating the world’s first personalized wealth management OS. Instead of agents, this OS will be built and tailored for principals.

Ambitious enough! Nevertheless, please assist me in better understanding. Are you suggesting the existing PF OS is the source of the issue? Why? Is it just out of date?

Well, it is over 50 years old, but it still works fine for pension funds.


Yet it has evolved into a problem for WM.

Why did WM choose this software to begin with?

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