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All Time High Gold Volume – What It Means for Investors

It is important for investors in physical gold to periodically follow what is happening in other segments of the precious metals industry. Today we will examine volume in the futures market. Futures contracts represents the ownership of gold at a future time. As designated by the contract expiration date. The...


SILVER – CAN IT BREAK RESISTANCE? Last week we highlighted the importance of the gold/silver ratio for precious metals investors, and how this indicator is our most important model to watch during the new year: (In 2019 - Can the Gold to Silver Ratio Break Lower? | Bullion Exchanges Blog). Given...

Fed Hikes Slow as Historic Lows Hit

The chairman of the Federal Reserve, Jerome Powell, spoke last week at New York’s Economic Club. This speech was very highly anticipated, as regularly scheduled Fed meetings happen just once every six weeks, making this a rare opportunity to gather insight into interest rate policy.   Interest rate policy was,...

What Does the Stock to Gold Ratio Tell?

The US stock market has been in the news recently. Having witnessed over a 10% correction since the all-time peak set on September 21. Meanwhile, gold has served as a source of stability, holding its value and rising by a modest 1% over the same timeframe. What lies ahead...

Precious Metals: Critical Support Test Ahead

The entire commodity sector is facing a critical support test over the next several weeks. We have made the case is past articles that commodities as a whole are bottoming, having hit 40+ year lows on both an absolute (US dollar terms) and relative (compared to stocks) basis during...

A Cryptocurrency Update

There’s always something new going on with cryptocurrency. From the previous crash back to last year’s meteoric rise, if there’s one thing crypto has done for the world it’s that it has kept the newsfeed full.   Crypto Crashes- Again A brutal fall for cryptocurrency this week, with the market falling by...

Deflationary Event On The Horizon

A deflationary event appears on the horizon which should impact both stock and precious metals markets over the weeks ahead. Let us place the expectation into proper context given developments over the last week. US Elections and Federal Reserve Meeting The US elections on Tuesday fell fairly in-line with recent poll...

Gold Should Brace for a Volatile Week

This week brings two expected volatility-inducing events for world markets: US midterm elections are scheduled for Tuesday. Polls indicate that Democrats are likely to regain control of the House of Representatives but not the Senate. However, let us remember that polls can often be wrong. Two years ago polls...

Gold to Silver Ratio At Multi-Decade High

The gold to silver ratio, or the number of ounces of silver required to purchase one ounce of gold, is within a window of approximately 6 to 9 months whereby it will either strongly confirm or strongly deny the arrival of a new bull market for both metals. One...

Gold: Resistance Ahead… Bottom in 2019?

Gold continued to build on last week’s gains, adding nearly $7 per troy ounce or 0.5% as of the close on Friday on the New York COMEX futures exchange. The final print for the week was $1,229. Given the surge seen over the past two weeks, it is time to...

Price of Gold is Rising

The seven-year bear market is in its culmination, with the broad stock market crashing—gold and the precious metals market will continue to ascend. The International Monetary Fund (IMF) Global Financial Stability Report states that investors should include gold in their portfolios for both short and long-term investment goals. “Gold...

US Bonds and How They Relate to Precious Metals

US Bonds on the Edge The US bond market is teetering on the edge of the generational decline. Just as we have been hypothesizing about for nearly two years. The 30-year US bond fell by nearly 2.3% this week, closing at 136.7. Interest rates on the 30-year, which move opposite to prices,...

What to Expect from Silver?

Then Retreat Again? Silver had a strong day on Friday, finishing higher by $0.42 cents or nearly 3.0% to close at $14.71 as of the final trade on the New York COMEX. Friday more than made up for the previous four days of losses, such that for the week in...

Buy Like a Pro with Low Premium Gold

Once you’ve decided to buy gold, whether as a collector or investor, there are a myriad of decisions to be made. Gold bars or gold bullion? Sizes, budget, and where to buy… it can get overwhelming. And once those choices have been made, you’ll be wondering about getting the...

Brexit Crushes British Pound… When Will Gold Benefit?

Brexit Crushes British Pound... Gold is known as a universal reserve asset. Our focus must increasingly expand past what is occurring in the United States and more towards the international dynamics in which are at play across the world. Futures contract settlements and profits are usually priced in US Dollars...

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