Stock Exchange: How Much Cash Are You Keeping On The Sidelines?

Summary The market has been volatile. Are you keeping more cash, less cash, or is it simply trading and investing as usual? Q3 hedge fund letters, conference, scoops etc Cash offers optionality. Plus, it can be an attractive hedge considering there is no chance of unforeseen losses if markets turn against you. Our [...]


Daniel Kahneman’ – Trading, Fast And Slow

In Daniel Kahneman’s excellent book, Thinking, Fast and Slow, he investigates two systems of thought. The first is quick and automatic. The second, more focused on complex issues. Both employ heuristics, but in different ways. Both involve non-rational thinking.   Q1 hedge fund letters, conference, scoops etc, Also read Lear Capital: While [...]


AI To Lead To 5% Growth?

The economic calendar is normal, and we have a four-day trading week. Last week’s big stock decline will surely be on the minds of many. With measures and counter-measures, threats and rhetoric, the trade issue will command the attention of all. The punditry will be searching for signs of [...]


China Wont Buy USTs, So What?

In my role as a long-term investor (trading is a different story) I don’t care about Chinese purchases of US Treasuries. You shouldn’t either. The issue is the focal point of the trade war story. There are multiple reasons, but the most important is rarely mentioned. Stories ask, “Who Will Buy [...]


A Trial Balloon?

New Fed Chairman Powell had just finished his Senate testimony.  Market participants were digesting the morning’s economic data and the likely Fed reaction. Then…something happened.  Normally I am skeptical of the post hoc analysis of market moves, but this one was clear.  President Trump announced the intention to raise tariffs [...]


What are the prospects for an infrastructure bill?

The economic calendar is full, including all of the big reports except employment.  There will be some attention to the data, but I expect competition from Congress.  Many will be asking: What are the chances for an infrastructure bill? Last Week Recap My last edition of WTWA I predicted a continuing discussion [...]

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