How To Improve Your Investing Over Time

As dividend investors, we focus on identifying and selecting the companies to include in our divided portfolios. The ultimate goal is achieving our stated dividend income objectives. As a result, a lot of effort is put into the company research department. I believe that this is all great. In [...]


This Is Why We Diversify

I have spent the last month discussing CVS Health (CVS) and Walgreen’s (WBA) with a lot of readers on my site. I have spent even more time discussing these companies than thinking about any of the ther companies I have a stake in. Q1 hedge fund letters, conference, scoops etc fill [...]


A Case Study Of My Investment In Kraft Foods

Last week, Kraft Heinz (KHC) shared a trifecta of bad news with shareholders, including asset impairments, disappointing outlook and a dividend cut. Q4 hedge fund letters, conference, scoops etcWorst of all, the board of directors announced their intention to cut dividends to shareholders by 36% to 40 cents/share. This bad [...]


I Just Bought These Ten Dividend Growth Stocks

Good Morning, Subscribers to the Dividend Growth Investor newsletter received ten ideas for research on Sunday. The newsletter included information behind each company, and relevant research behind each company listed. I discussed how much I am allocating to each investment when I initiate my buy orders at the open on [...]


The Dividend Crossover Point

The goal of every dividend investor is to one day accumulate a portfolio of income producing stocks, which would throw off a large amount of dividends every month. The magic point is where the dividend income exceeds the expenses of the dividend investor. At the dividend crossover point your [...]


Blackrock (BLK) Dividend Stock Analysis

Blackrock (BLK) is the largest investment manager in the world, with over $6.5 trillion in assets under management. Q3 hedge fund letters, conference, scoops etc Over the past decade, the stock has compounded by 14.96%/year. Future returns will likely be lower, and they will track growth in earnings per share and [...]


How To Avoid Dividend Cuts

As a dividend growth investor, my goal is generate enough dividend income to pay for my expenses in retirement. I focus on dividend income, since it is more stable and more reliable portion of total returns, which makes it easier to predict that stock prices. I have shared with [...]


38 Dividend Champions To Consider

In order to succeed in dividend investing, you need to have a long-term focus, follow your strategy by making investments at regular intervals and by diversifying your exposure. I believe that the ability to sit tight for a long period of time is underrated, because short-term noise usually gets [...]


Five Dividend Stocks Working Hard For Their Owners

I review the list of dividend increases weekly, in order to monitor existing holdings and review companies on my list for accumulation at the right price. This exercise is part of my monitoring process. Q1 hedge fund letters, conference, scoops etc, Also read Lear Capital: Financial Products You Should Avoid? mohamed_hassan [...]


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