Congress Wants To Regulate Data Collection, But What Will Be The Cost?

We don’t think about it, but most of the Internet’s infrastructure, from Facebook to Google, is made possible by targeted online advertising. But Congress might be trying to change that, and it could have real consequences for advertisers and consumers. Q4 hedge fund letters, conference, scoops etc Renno_new / Pixabay Some members [...]


Economics, Not Sanctions, Is To Blame For Venezuela’s Misery

In terms of their reception by Western intellectuals, socialist experiments usually go through three distinct stages. Q4 hedge fund letters, conference, scoops etc DavidRockDesign / Pixabay Three Stages of Socialism The first stage is the honeymoon period, the period during which the experiment shows some initial successes, and Western intellectuals wax lyrical about [...]


New Steve Forbes Documentary Asks An Age-Old Question: What Is Money?

In the introduction to my eBook anthology released by FEE last September, When Money Goes Bad, I zeroed in on an economic cancer responsible for bringing down scores of economies over the centuries: Q4 hedge fund letters, conference, scoops etc Image source: YouTube Video Screenshot Inflation—the systematic expansion of the money supply [...]


Federal Subsidies Now Pervade Almost Everything

Can’t anyone do anything in this country without federal subsidies? Q4 hedge fund letters, conference, scoops etc pefertig / Pixabay A friend emailed me a local news story from Lancaster County, Pennsylvania: “Firefighter recruitment ads on hold due to funding because of government shutdown.” A Lancaster County government shutdown? Nope, the federal [...]


“Lost” Economic Growth From Government Shutdowns?

According to Congressional Budget Office (CBO) data, the federal government spent $3.9 trillion in 2017. In Argentina, total federal spending in 2017 was $161 billion. Q3 hedge fund letters, conference, scoops etc Proulain / Pixabay The above statistical disparity rates mention in consideration of all the hand-wringing related to the partial federal [...]


Making Sense Of The Stock Market’s Wild Gyrations

The stock market was a wild ride in December. At one point, it was on track for its worst December since the Great Depression. Many observers saw in this the first twitchings of an economic downturn. They may well be right. Or, they may not. Q3 hedge fund letters, conference, [...]


Venezuela Shows What Happens When Planners Pretend Prices Don’t Matter

The disastrous state of Venezuela’s health system is yet another example of the calamity that has befallen that country under dictatorial socialism. Q3 hedge fund letters, conference, scoops etc DavidRockDesign / Pixabay Of course, defenders of the cause always like to argue that the failure of a socialist experiment doesn’t devalue socialism at all. [...]


Why Steve Jobs, Not Bill Gates, Was The True Education Visionary

When it comes to education reform, there are generally two camps: those who want to improve the existing mass compulsory schooling system through tweaking and tuning and those who want to build something entirely new and different. Not surprisingly, Apple co-founder Steve Jobs was in the “think different” camp, [...]


FDA Approves Record Number Of Generic Drugs In 2018

The number of generic drugs approved in 2018 surpassed those in the previous year. Q3 hedge fund letters, conference, scoops etc DarkoStojanovic / Pixabay In the 2018 fiscal year, the Food and Drug Administration set a record by approving and tentatively approving 971 generic drugs, including a record-breaking month with 110 generic drug [...]


Greedy Politicians Are Already Wrecking The Legalized Cannabis Industry

On New Year’s Day 2018, California became the sixth state to end prohibition by legalizing the sale of recreational cannabis. In addition to striking a blow against the disastrous War on Drugs, the full-fledged legalization of marijuana was also expected to trigger an economic boom throughout the Golden State, [...]


The Two Energy Futures Facing America

There are two energy futures for America. One is freedom and prosperity. The other is politics, conflict, and waste. As with other goods and services, energy’s availability and affordability will depend on whether natural incentives and economic law are respected or hampered by government policy. Q3 hedge fund letters, conference, [...]


Cato Sues SEC Over Gag Orders

Earlier today, the Cato Institute sued the Securities and Exchange Commission in federal court, challenging the SEC’s policy of imposing perpetual gag orders on settling defendants in civil enforcement actions. The clear point of that policy is to prevent people with the best understanding of how the SEC uses [...]


Easy Money Is Driving The Boom-Bust Cycles

Only a few months ago, most economic commentators were sanguine about prospects for the US economy. Most of them did not expect an imminent downturn. Now, all that has changed, with most experts expecting the economy to enter a downward phase of the economic cycle by 2019. According to [...]


Why Emphasizing Behavioral Economics Is A Bad Idea

The Atlantic has an article decrying the fact that economists are refusing to give behavioral economics a bigger role in introductory economics courses. I’m going to argue that this oversight is actually appropriate, even if behavioral economics provides many true observations about behavior. Q3 hedge fund letters, conference, scoops etc geralt / [...]


U.S. Sees Largest December Job Growth In 20 Years

Our friends at E21 have a new article breaking down the exceptional (and surprising) US job growth in December: Q3 hedge fund letters, conference, scoops etc The US December jobs report was exceptional with employment gains of 312,000, rising labor force participation and hours worked, and average hourly earnings growth of [...]


Mass Transit Is A Colossal Government Failure

I like subways and spent most of my adult life taking them to work. Unfortunately, most people prefer to drive. It can take an hour and a half to take buses and trains to work for a commute that would take only half an hour by car. Q3 hedge fund [...]


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