Why The Smart Money Likes Reinsurance Vehicles

Randy Swan is Founder of Swan Wealth Advisors, an SEC-registered RIA that has used their low-risk "Defined Risk Strategy" (DRS) to generate +9% annualized returns for investors since 1997. The structured strategy utilizes options for downside protection, an instrument that Swan likens to be "investment insurance" which investors should [...]


More gloom than boom expected at WEF

More gloom than boom expected at WEF by Matthew Allen, swissinfo.ch January 22, 2014 - 11:00 In the afterglow of impressive stock market gains in 2013 and upbeat economic growth forecasts this year, the World Economic Forum’s annual summit is nevertheless bracing itself for a more sobering tale of global upheaval threatening recovery. WEF delegates [...]


Unilife: Financials An Absolute And Utter Disaster

Unilife, Or: When A “Growth” Pure-Play Isn’t A Smart Play by Jordan S. Terry, Managing Director Stone Street Advisors LLC I come from the school of fundamental value analysis/investing. So when a client asked me to look into Unilife Corp (NASDAQ:UNIS) a few weeks ago, naturally, my first reaction was [...]


Swiss inch towards renminbi hub dream

Swiss inch towards renminbi hub dream by Matt Allen, swissinfo.ch January 13, 2014 - 11:00 News that Switzerland’s central bank recently opened talks with its Chinese counterpart to swap currencies has raised Swiss hopes of attaining a renminbi hub status. But Switzerland is playing catch-up with rivals that share the same ambition. As global [...]


The SAVR Checklist for Analyzing Banks

Via Pope Brar Let’s Remove “The Black Box” “It’s a black box. Too much risk. I don’t understand banks”. These are the common statements one hears with the mention of a bank as a potential investment. The recent financial crisis has negatively impacted the perception of banks and revealed hidden “spider [...]


How To Become an Investment Guru

Via Pope Brar How to become an Investment Guru 1. Develop an Investment Process Make a presentation of about 10 to 15 slides that details your investment process. Start with how you select stocks, then describe how you manage the portfolio. Do you hold a concentrated or diverse portfolio? How you do [...]


Only One Percent Of Hedge Funds Plan To Advertise

There has been a lot of hype for the JOBS Act and the changes it could bring to the hedge fund community. Many had high hopes for the act, which would allow hedge funds to advertise. But when the rules were put into place in September 2013, investors could barely [...]


How To Reduce Mistakes In Investing? Use A Powerful Checklist

Pope Brar's checklist for investing looks like a powerful tool for reducing mistakes.  In it, he extensively covers a long checklist, pointing out places where people often make mistakes.  We cover the entire list here, including an introduction that lays out how to use the checklist, as well as [...]


Swiss banks sign up for US tax programme

December 31, 2013 - 16:08 The bigger Swiss banks had originally sparked the DoJ crackdown by knowingly or recklessly harbouring untaxed assets. But smaller regional institutions, which make up one in four of all Swiss banks, may also face considerable penalties, despite shouldering a far lesser burden of guilt. Under the [...]


The Crisis of the Middle Class and American Power: Stratfor

When I wrote about the crisis of unemployment in Europe, I received a great deal of feedback. Europeans agreed that this is the core problem while Americans argued that the United States has the same problem, asserting that U.S. unemployment is twice as high as the government's official unemployment rate. My [...]


Bitcoin Takes On Gold

Bitcoin Takes on Gold December 30, 2013 By:  John Browne Ever since President Nixon broke the US dollar's last link to gold, the world has been set adrift on a sea of fiat currencies that have been increasingly debased, serving the interests of governments and financial elites. For the last five years, central [...]


Is This A Good Time to Buy NLY (Not For Typical Reasons)?

By thelongshorttrader What did NOT got me interested (i.e. the usual bulls’ spew): It’s cheap on a __ and __ basis. Dividend yield is ___. What got me interested: Yesterday’s announced dividend cut  appears to have been less worse than the street expected (or was it?). NLY shares are down ~30% in 2013 (counterpoint: down [...]


Kyle Bass On The Art of Short Selling

By thelongshorttrader Kyle Bass, Hayman Advisors, on short selling: Question: What was the worst trade of your career? The second company I ever sold short was a disaster. The first one was actually a great trade. It was an East German shipbuilder that was being heavily subsidized by the government when the Berlin [...]


Is This How And Why The Nasdaq Will Reach New All Time

By Long Short Trader The Nasdaq is “only” ~20-25% off its 2000 all-time highs. The S&P 500 and Dow hit all-time highs this year. The Nasdaq looks “relatively” inexpensive. Some market participants, therefore, have naturally begun to wonder whether the Nasdaq will hit new all-time highs in coming years. It is my belief [...]


Banking giant has ‘no US tax cheats’

Surprise decision Banking giant has ‘no US tax cheats’ by Matt Allen, swisinfo.ch and agencies December 13, 2013 - 17:39 Switzerland’s third largest banking group, Raiffeisen, has surprisingly announced it will declare all of its clients as tax compliant in the United States under the terms of a Swiss-US deal. Other smaller banks have opted [...]


Axel Merk: 30%+ Gold in a Diversified Portfolio?

30%+ Gold in a Diversified Portfolio? Axel Merk, Merk Investments  December 10th, 2013 How can an investor get guidance on how to construct a portfolio that will protect them should the stock market have another losing streak that lasts more than a few days? We discuss this question while specifically looking at [...]


US tax deal could prove deadly for small banks

Paying the price US tax deal could prove deadly for small banks by Matthew Allen, swissinfo.ch December 9, 2013 - 17:03 Big banks, which sparked the US crackdown by knowingly or recklessly harbouring untaxed assets, have the financial clout to absorb costs and fines. But regional institutions, making up one in four of all [...]


Google Patents Method for Imitating You Online

Google Patents Method for Imitating You Online (via slashdot) Tech companies file lots of patents for outlandish concepts—it serves as good legal cover for research that might take place several years down the road (and great ammunition in the patent wars that flare up on a depressingly regular basis). But [...]


Is the Fed increasingly monetizing government debt? Axel Merk

Is the Fed increasingly monetizing government debt? Axel Merk, Merk Investments  December 3rd, 2013 Fed Chair Bernanke vehemently denies Fed “monetizes the debt,” but our research shows the Fed may be increasingly doing so. We explain why and what the implications may be for the dollar, gold and currencies.   What is debt monetization? A [...]


Banks play catch-up on social networks

by Jo Fahy, swissinfo.ch December 2, 2013 - 11:00 Swiss banks are behind the times when it comes to social media according to a new study. In comparison with banks outside Switzerland, many have only cautiously taken up using digital networks. Researchers at financial comparison site, moneyland.ch, used publicly available information on 20 Swiss [...]

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