Record June Catapults Stocks

Where were you in 1938? Like many of you, I was not even born yet. Q1 hedge fund letters, conference, scoops etc As people fret about China trade talks, speculate about the timing of Federal Reserve interest rate target cuts, and worry about a potential economic slowdown, the stock market experienced [...]


Gravity Felt After Strong Surge

This article is an excerpt from a previously released Sidoxia Capital Management complimentary newsletter (June 3, 2019). Subscribe on the right side of the page for the complete text. Q1 hedge fund letters, conference, scoops etc Legend has it that the esteemed mathematician and physicist, Sir Isaac Newton, was hit on [...]


Glass Half Empty Becomes Record Glass Half Full

Oh my! What a difference a few months makes. Originally, what looked like an economic glass half empty in December has turned into a new record glass half full. What looked like Armageddon in December has turned into a v-shaped bed of roses to new all-time record stock market [...]


From Gloom To Boom

Gloomy clouds rolled in late last year in the form of a government shutdown; U.S. – China trade war tensions; hawkish Federal Reserve interest rate policies; a continued special counsel investigation by Robert Mueller into potential Russian election interference; a change in the Congressional balance of power; Brexit deal [...]


January A Ball After Year-End Fall

Investors were cheerfully dancing last month after the stock market posted its best January in 30 years and the best monthly performance since October 2015 (see chart below). More specifically, the S&P 500 index started the year by catapulting +7.9% higher (the best January since 1987), and the Dow [...]


Will Santa Leave A Lump Of Coal?

As we enter the last month of the year, the holiday season is kicking into full gear, decorations are popping up everywhere, and the burning question arises, “Will Santa Claus bring gifts for stock market investors, or will he leave a lump of coal in their stockings?” Q3 hedge fund [...]


Will The Halloween Trick Turn Into A Holiday Treat?

The interest rate boogeyman came out in October as fears of an overzealous Federal Reserve monetary policy paralyzed investors into thinking rising interest rates could murder the economy into recession. But other ghostly issues frightened the stock market last month as well, including mid-term elections, heightening trade war tensions, a [...]


Trade War Bark: Hold Tight Or Nasty Bite?

In recent weeks, President Trump has come out viciously barking about potential trade wars, not only with China, but also with other allies, including key trade collaborators in Europe, Canada, and Mexico. What does this all mean? Should you brace for a nasty financial bite in your portfolio, or [...]


S.T.I.N.K. – Deja Vu All Over Again

Yogi Berra is a Baseball Hall of Fame catcher and manager who played 18 out of 19 seasons with the New York Yankees. Besides his incredible baseball skills, Berra was also known for his humorous and witty quotes, which were called “Yogi-isms.” Reportedly, one of Berra’s most famous Yogi-isms [...]


Facebook Fears but No Easter Bunny Tears

  After an explosive 2017 (+19.4%) and first month of 2018 (+5.6%), the Easter Bunny came out and laid an egg last month (-2.7%). It is normal for financial markets to take a breather, especially after an Energizer Bunny bull market, which is now expanding into its 10th year of [...]

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