Whitney Tilson Shuts Hedge Fund

Another major closure see from the inbox First some memorable moments Tilson - Gets "Brain damage" Booking First Trip Ever To Russia ... Tilson "I've been getting murdered on the short side in the past couple ... Tilson On Einhorn's CLB Short "so compelling and blindingly obvious ... Whitney Tilson On Tesla " almost [...]


Rupal Bhansali CIO Of Ariel Investments On Behavioral Finance, Lessons From Soros, And Exit Dangers In Passive [ValueTalks #6]

This is a special episode recorded live with Rupal Bhansali of Ariel Investments. It is a great short discussion about the current environment with passive investing, lessons from her work at George Soros, behavioral finance,  potential opportunities, concentrated vs diversified and much more. The interview was conducted in person  by [...]


Free Value Investing Educational Series [Includes Recordings]

Over the past 90 years, there have been thousands of academic studies that all point to one conclusion: Over time, value investing outperforms the market. That's why the team at Marketfy have put together the first ever Value Investing Educational Series this Saturday, October 11th from 11am - 4pm ET. No BS, no [...]


The Most Boring Way To Make Money In Stocks

The Most Boring Way To Make Money In The Stock Market by Tim Melvin, Benzinga The market noise has been almost deafening recently. Geopolitical events with potentially market moving consequences are raging all over the globe. The situation in the Ukraine remains strained; there are pro-democracy demonstrations in Hong Kong that [...]


Value Investing Not ‘Hot’ Or Exciting, But Profitable

Value Investing Not 'Hot,' But Profitable by Tim Melin, Benzinga In chapter two of his classic book, "The Intelligent Investor," Benjamin Graham spelled out what it takes for investors to succeed: The investor cannot enter the arena of the stock market with any real hope of success unless he is armed [...]


Investing Wisely: The Art Of Doing Nothing

Via: benzinga If you are like most investors, when you power up your computer and open your email to start the day, you are flooded with trade ideas and suggestions. You will get 'trades of the day' and 'can't miss short-term opportunities' that you need to take advantage. If you watch the [...]


Huron Consulting Group: Why is the Market Discounting?

Huron Consulting Group, Inc. (NSQ:HURN) is a global business services market and denotes businesses which offers business-related solutions to firms. Despite having a market cap close to $1 B it has almost no coverage (our favorite type of security). The company officially has five analysts covering it, but there is [...]

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