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Is The Market Peaking?

July 4, 2019:  This month’s blog will show the daily thinking process that we go through at MarketCycle Wealth Management and also at our paid membership site: MarketCycle Wealth REPORT (link below). Q2 hedge fund letters, conference, scoops etc PORTFOLIO CHANGES: Gold is likely to gain as late-stage inflation begins to pick up from exceptionally...

Wall Street’s predictions for 2019

Taxes... Wall Street’s predictions for 2019... This year’s charity donation goes to... Q3 hedge fund letters, conference, scoops etc Let’s start by reviewing the recent U.S. TAX CHANGES: Individual tax rates:  Individual tax rates are set as:  10%, 12%, 22%, 24%, 32%, 35%… and 37% for the top 1% of Americans...

Plunge Protection Team Convened

Please excuse any errors.  This brief “extra” blog is a rush job. Q3 hedge fund letters, conference, scoops etc Alexas_Fotos / Pixabay On Friday, I sent a private email to clients stating that twelve of MarketCycle’s “13 market bottom indicators” had just triggered and that I suspected that a stock market bottom...

How To Escape A Bear

How do you escape a bear? It’s simple. Bears generally live in hilly areas. A bear can out-run you if you sprint either up or down a hill in an attempt to escape it. It would be instinctive to run either up or down to get away, but you’d...

Investors HATE Randomess

MarketCycle’s GOAL: To always hold the strongest globally diversified assets in client accounts; this can be done via six methods: Relative Strength Analysis (mathematically calculates the strongest assets) Following the 4 stages of the market cycle: early, middle, late and recession Determining asset positions based on the trend of...

Nobody Wants To Hear This

Well, nobody wants to hear this. A year ago I began saying that home construction was about to begin its multi-year decline (and it did) and that home prices would then begin to fall several months later (and it appears to be already in process) and that these events...

Low Tide On Steroids

I recently spent a chunk of my life camping on the edge of the ocean.  I was perched about 30 feet above the crashing surf, which was good since I was literally at the waters edge.  Time was spent in the usual beach doings and I continued to keep...

Train Of Thought

The United States is still in a strong stock bull market and it is not logical to be bearish when in a bull market. Get The Timeless Reading eBook in PDF Get the entire 10-part series on Timeless Reading in PDF. Save it to your desktop, read it on your...

The 18 Year Real Estate Cycle

Sometime around 2004, I remember telling a patient that real estate was forming a bubble and that it was soon to peak and then pop & deflate.  This generally very nice person then sharply stated: “You’re wrong, real estate never goes down!”  Later, in 2008, the market taught us otherwise...

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