Gold And Silver In 2019: Where Are Prices Heading?

It's been an interesting year for precious metals, and things are about to get even more interesting. Various macro factors have been pointing to an increase in gold prices in the coming months, and that's exactly what precious metals analysts are expecting in early 2019. On Thursday the stage [...]


This May Be The One Most Bullish Factor For Gold

Gold prices started to slide on Tuesday, coming off their nearly-one-week high as traders wait anxiously for the next U.S. monetary policy meeting, which is set for Wednesday. Meanwhile the U.S. dollar dipped to a one-week low on Tuesday, marking the second session of declines in a row. Q3 hedge [...]


Fund Managers Are Nearing “Extreme Bearishness”

What a difference a year makes, especially when it comes to the financial markets. The market's current features are almost the total opposite of how the market looked at this time last year. A year, investors saw no reasonable limit to what they wanted to pay for certain assets, [...]


Turkey Bounced Back In November, Boosting Sturgeon Capital

It's been a tough year for emerging markets, making it difficult for EM-focused hedge funds to post positive returns, but November brought slightly better results. Sturgeon Capital, a long-biased equity fund with a focus in the Silk Road region, was in the green for November, although the return wasn't [...]


Investors Are Seeing Red As Redemptions Hit Record High

It seems investors are becoming increasingly fed up with underperforming equity strategies, so redemptions continue to climb. To quantify just how poorly the equity market has performed this year, Bank of America Merrill Lynch estimates that the global combined equity market cap has shed $15.7 trillion in value since [...]


Pensions Allocations To Credit Keep Setting New Records

The pension crisis over unfunded liabilities is well-documented, but there's another angle to the pension story. More and more pensions are looking to invest in credit as they attempt to shield pensioners from those unfunded liabilities. In fact, pension allocations to credit hit new record highs in October and [...]


What Does Long-Term Really Mean In Value Investing?

No matter which style of investing you generally practice, thinking long-term is important, but just how long of a timeframe should you think about when considering any particular investment? Seth Klarman protégé David Abrams of Abrams Capital addressed this issue recently during a talk at the Project Punch Card [...]

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