It’s Back To Risk-On For Active Managers

It's starting to look like the fourth-quarter bear market may have been just a mere blip on the market radar. Active portfolio managers have been returning to risk-on positions over the last couple weeks. They're back to buying perennial favorites like the Communication Services sector, which now contains the [...]


Diamond Mining: You’re Killin’ Me, “Smalls”

Diamond miners are struggling amid disappointing prices during the holiday season and into the new year. However, it appears the weakness isn't affecting the entire industry uniformly. It's the "smalls," or smaller stones, which have offset the supply/ demand balance, resulting in higher prices for bigger stones based on [...]


Investors Are Tactically Bullish But Positionally Bearish As All Eyes Are On Credit, Consumer And China: BAML

Investor flows are starting to shift further into defensive positioning, but we’re also seeing some seemingly conflicting moves within the markets. One firm suggests China is the only one that can bring the global earnings recession to an end. Tactically bullish? Generally, the latest “Flow Show” report from Bank of America [...]


You Know It Was A Bad Month For Stocks When…

Investor letters from hedge funds continue to roll in. Of course, the general consensus is that December was simply a bear, although a few hedge fund managers are praising the return of volatility. Teton Capital Partners said in their 2018 year-end report, which was seen by ValueWalk, that their [...]


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