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Now “Inflation” Is A Concern?

As odd as some of these concerns are, they serve a purpose in that having some skepticism in the market does serve a purpose in not letting things get too out of hand. “Davidson” submits: The consensus on inflation is that it will rise sharply. The history on correctly predicting inflation trends...

Why The Bull Market can Continue For Much Longer

“Davidson” submits: Check out our H2 hedge fund letters here. The employment reports have again positively surprised forecasters. The Household Survey rose by 785,000. Light Weight Vehicle sales continue to hold at appropriate levels for continued economic expansion. During the early stages of economic recovery, vehicle sales are one of the...

Trade War, 1929 Crash…Yada Yada Yada

“Davidson” submits: Check out our H2 hedge fund letters here. The issue has always been the T-Bill/10yr Treasury rate spread. Same for the worry today about a repeat of the 1929 Crash which many ascribe tariffs. But, it was not about that at all. It was about the financial instability built...

Oil Surge Ahead? CHART

“Davidson” submits:   Check out our H2 hedge fund letters here. Interesting how the market responds to slight rise in US Crude Inv and ignores that we should be building while refineries are shut for Spring Change-over and maintenance. That we are not building inventories as is typical, is unusual. We remain...

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