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Broyhill high quality composite

Broyhill: The Biggest Distress Opportunity We'eve Ever Seen

Broyhill on the bullish case for Kennedy Wilson

We are a boutique investment firm,established as a family office and guided by a strict value orientation. Our family office foundation provides the security of a stable capital base.

We invest along side our clients as partners in our process. As a result, we do not feel the constant pressure to gather assets, which ultimately results in poor short-term decisions.

Capital preservation is first and foremost our over riding priority. We seek to provide consistent returns with a low probability of loss, through concentrated ,long-term holdings.

We do not follow the crowd, but instead remain independent in our decision-making. We are willing to accept short-term under performance in exchange for long-term success.

If I could say one thing to your investors, it’s try to achieve balance. – Ray Dalio, Davos World Economic Forum

Broyhill high quality composite

Cash is like oxygen. You don’t notice it 99% of the time, but if it’s absent it’s the only thing you notice.

Our external investments with like-minded, long-term investors complement our internal capabilities, expand our investable universe, and deepen our understanding of financial markets. Simply put, External Managers, expand our circle of competence.

Broyhill: Blowing Bubbles

I’m forever blowing bubbles

Pretty bubbles in the air

They fly so high, nearly reach the sky

Then like my dreams they fade and die

Fortune’s always hiding

I’ve looked everywhere

I’m forever blowing bubbles

Pretty bubbles in the air

Broyhill Blowing Bubbles

Broyhill: Swimming Lessons

The increasing number and magnitude of crises begs the question of whether central bank policies are fanning the flames of destabilizing speculation.

The best swimming in the financial markets is when panic breaks loose. By that time, the damage has been done and those with the courage to dive in head first will find it extremely rewarding.

Who Is Kennedy Wilson?

We’d like to introduce you to a very talented swimmer we recently discovered while surveying the investment landscape for sharks.

Kennedy Wilson went public in 2009 and remains underfollowed and misunderstood despite management’s investment success.

Management has a demonstrated nose for value and a proven track record of identifying and capitalizing on shark-infested waters.

Previous investments have systematically exploited the historical cycle of boom and bust.


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