Charlie Munger’s 10-Step Investment Checklist

Charlie Munger is considered to be one of the world's greatest investors, alongside his business partner and longtime friend, Warren Buffett. Q1 hedge fund letters, conference, scoops etc Munger's approach to investing is different from most other money managers. He's not afraid to be greedy when others are fearful and spends [...]


Joel Greenblatt: Avoiding Value Traps

Falling into a value trap is one of the biggest risks value investors face. Unfortunately, there is no set framework for analyzing and discovering traps or even a fixed description of what constitutes a value trap. If you’re looking for value stocks, and exclusive access to value-focused hedge fund managers, [...]


Buffett’s $8 Billion Junk Bond Trade

When the bubble burst in 2000--2002, Warren Buffett dived into the market, but he wasn't rushing to buy equities. The Oracle of Omaha moved quickly to take advantage of the situation evolving in the junk bond market. Q4 hedge fund letters, conference, scoops etc In 2003, Buffett described the junk [...]


Baupost, Greenlight, Carlson, BlueMountain, Sohn, Paul Tudor And Much More – Last UPDATED 3/29 17:17 EST (Or MORE RECENTLY) Q4/2018 Hedge Fund Letters, Conferences And More

This post has aLREADY been updated 162 times since January 1st 2019 - please stay tuned for more updates listed in the title As always we REALLY really appreciate legal letters and tips on hedge funds from our readers regardless of fund size. How is this different than SecurityAnalysis? We have [...]


Sequoia Fund: Investing In The Tech Bubble [Pt. 5]

Since its founding in 1970, the Sequoia has earned its reputation as one of the best investment funds ever to have existed. But, as I have covered throughout this series, the fund and its founders, Bill Ruane, Richard Cunniff, and Robert Goldfarb, faced an uphill struggle in its early years. If [...]


Value Investing: Plan Ahead And Set A Course

The 2008 Graham + Dodd Luncheon Symposium, held at Columbia Business School, took place amid one of the most turbulent times for financial markets since the great crash and 1929. Luckily, it also presented an excellent opportunity for the investors attending to hear how some of the best value investors [...]


Remember Negative Interest Rates? Yeah, That’s Still A Thing.

It’s not enough to hand over your money to the government anymore. Q4 hedge fund letters, conference, scoops etc Now you have to pay them for the privilege to do so. That’s the basic premise behind negative interest rates: investors around the world are crazy enough to buy government bonds whose yields [...]


Quantitative Investing With Verdad Capital’s Dan Rasmussen, Nick Schmitz And Brian Chingono Talk Private Equity Style Investing In Small Caps [Full Podcast And transcript

A Q&A session with Dan Rasmussen, Portfolio Manager of the famed Verdad Capital as well as, Nick Schmitz, Japan Portfolio Manager, and Brian Chingono, Director of Quantitative Research. The full podcast is available for all readers, the full 10,000 plus word transcript is available below for ValueWalkPremium subscribers and [...]


This Small Austin Based Hedge Fund Founded By A Successful Polish Entrepreneur Is Beating Market By Recognizing Growing Moats

Lukasz Tomicki, the founder of Austin, TX-based LRT Capital, had a life-changing moment after he achieved a degree of success. This led him into the hedge fund business where his emerging strategy has outperformed the major stock and hedge fund indices, he told ValueWalk. How the fund outperforms “the markets” [...]


Michael Mauboussin: Who Is On The Other Side?

Seth Klarman once said that in investing, whenever you act, "you are effectively saying, I know more than the market. I am going to buy when everybody else is selling. I am going to sell when everybody else is buying." Q4 hedge fund letters, conference, scoops etc He called this mentality, [...]


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