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Morgan Stanley Loan Book Growth: More Risk Than Reward?

At the beginning of February, Goldman Sachs's chairman and CEO, Lloyd Blankfein told investors that the bank is willing to deploy more capital in its beaten up fixed-income, currency and commodities trading business to respond to a " more attractive opportunity set" in the current market environment. This announcement from...

Not Enough “value in value”

Will 2018 become known as the year that active management finally made a comeback? It is starting to look that way. A few days ago we reported that actively managed mutual funds outperformed their benchmarks on average during the first two months of 2018 and according to a new...

Actively Managed Funds Active Share Hits Record

Following a brief period in which actively managed funds were overweight the Tech sector relative to the wider market, Tech has now fallen to the second most popular position behind Discretionary according to Bank of America Merrill Lynch's latest active managers' holding update. 70% Of Active Mutual Funds Outperform...

Paul Tudor Jones Goes Full Perma-Bear

While Paul Tudor Jones comments about interest rates and the central bank conundrum are making headlines today, the thoughts are not new. In a February 2 letter to investors reviewed and reported by ValueWalk, Jones made his feelings clear.  But in speaking with Goldman Sachs Global Macro Research team,...

Peterson Capital On Compounding And Market Insanity

Investopedia defines a 'Giffen Good' as, "a good for which demand increases as the price increases, and falls when the price decreases." Named after the economist Robert Giffen, a  Giffen good has an upward-sloping demand curve, which is, "contrary to the fundamental law of demand which states that quantity demanded for a product...

Lone Pine Misses The Big Short

On January 16, as Dave Craver, Mala Gaonkar, Kelly Granat and Steve Mandel sending out the Lone Pine Capital letter to investors, the observed that the Long / Short hedge fund was “modestly less short” for several reasons. After a “poor fourth quarter,” where both long and shorts were...

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