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Cornerstone topics are important financial news which we update on a regular basis and provide detailed and in-depth analysis analysis – what we mean will be self evident when looking at the topic titles. Furthermore, for topics which go on a different angle you may see more than one cornerstone thread as the second (or third) post compliments the first. However, we only link the actual cornerstone detailed articles ie we write about China all the time but only the in-depth cornerstone ones are below – a short article on China will not appear on this page.

These posts are updated frequently with the latest information at the top (besides hedge funds which are odne quarterly in alphabetical list style. If you have suggestions for other topics we should be covering shoot us an email at jacob(@) for consideration. Topics without links are ones we have not yet done in length but plan to do so at a later date

Enjoy and check back regularly for the latest!

  1. Hedge Funds Q1
  2. Chinese Debt
  3. Active Vs Passive
  4. China Shadow Banking
  5. Retail Apocalypse
  6. Mifid 2
  7. Family owned businesses
  8. Aussie Housing
  9. Amazon Deals


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