Our product is offered at a relatively cheap price considering our audience and what we offer. However, we do offer discounts for some situations you can see below for details.


Please note most coupons expire by a set date or when a set number of readers use it or if we just decide to close it to new members – however, we currently (as of November 25th 2018)  have discounts for the following types of readers

50% Students – we require proof due to a few bad actors

60% HiddenValueStock subscribers

20% Those subscribed to our free newsletter – you can sign up now to take advantage of this offer

10% Push (free) notification subscribers (same policy as with email readers)

Certain referrals like Kirk also have codes

Journalists can receive free passes

If you think you fit these definitions but do not have a code hit us up at support(@)valuewalk.com or the chat button and we will be happy to help you pay at the discounted rate


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