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How Linkedin Can Boost Your Business

How Linkedin Can Boost Your Business
LinkedIn is one of the finest solutions for business marketing problems. LinkedIn, being the world’s largest professional social networking site, allows your business to reap against the benefits that it provides to the corporate world. If you do not posses your business presence on LinkedIn, it means you are not making the most of what LinkedIn can do to boost your business. Currently, LinkedIn has more than 100 million registered users. When you get listed on LinkedIn, your business page gets listed in both LinkedIn and Google’s search engines, and this helps you significantly in promoting your brand, products , and services, by allowing the world to follow your business updates.

LinkedIn also allows you to follow other companies’ updates. When you view their pages, you will find updates for the companies that you follow here. LinkedIn provides you a good location to look for some prospective clients and new profitable connections.  The purely professional environment of this forum allows you to participate in different discussion forums, which helps you analyze and grab the expected future opportunities. For small business owners, it is a good platform for promoting themselves in interesting and unique way, as it helps them to connect to a range of professionals and people in a short span of time.

Here are some guidelines in order to launch your business over LinkedIn and take advantage of many opportunities.

  • Before you create your company profile on LinkedIn, make sure that you possess an email address with your business domain. Then, go to home page of LinkedIn and click “Companies” to add your company and make a profile there.

The following things are needed to create your business profile page on LinkedIn and complete your company overview page.

  •   Company name, Admins (people who would be administering your profile), logos, company description, business specialties, news module, Twitter, and blog RSS feeds for your company’s URL, type and size, year of foundation, operating status, type of industry, locations and careers.
  • The tab “Products and services”, gives you an opportunity to promote your products and services. First, select between product and service, then select category. Then you can add all the information related to your product/service, along with company contact, URL and promotional link (if any).
  •  The tab, “Analytics” allows you to have insight regarding traffic, reviews, feedback, tracking by others, and your business performance as compared to other companies of similar types.
  • After your profile is created and page is setup, you can invite followers to your business page.
  • Add a ‘follow our company on LinkedIn' link to act with the business page URL to your email address, and in extra promotional materials. Now your business is on its way to being found and followed in this giant professional network,which has over 100 million users.


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