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Inside Howard Marks' Message To Investors

Oaktree Capital Management Co-Chairman Howard Marks discusses his message to investors. Bloomberg Views's Bill Cohan also speaks on “Bloomberg ‹GO›.” Cohan's opinions are his own. (Source: Bloomberg)
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Inside Howard Marks' Message To Investors

Where Is Howard Marks Putting Oaktree Capital's Money?

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Howard Marks, co-chairman at Oaktree Capital Group, talks about where he sees opportunities in markets and how he is approaching illiquid markets. He speaks on “Bloomberg ‹GO›” (Source: Bloomberg)

Howard Marks: Promoting Long-Term Holdings in a Time of Activism

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Howard Marks, co-chairman at Oaktree Capital Group, discusses the role of activist investors in markets and the pursuit of short-term gains over long-term success. He speaks on “Bloomberg ‹GO›” (Source: Bloomberg)

Inside Howard Marks' Message To Investors

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